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Industry Alt porn
Headquarters California, United States
Key people
Annaliese Nielsen
Kayla-Jane Danger
Website godsgirls.com

GodsGirls is a California-based alt porn website featuring softcore nude photography and video. The website also serves as a social networking community, featuring model and user blogs, email, discussion forums, original writing, and interviews.


GodsGirls was founded by entrepreneur Annaliese Nielsen and model Kayla-Jane Danger, with the backing of Offworld Media Group Inc.[1][2] in an attempt to bring forth a change in what Nielsen considered a severely under-served market.[3] The website's original lineup featured models who were local friends and acquaintances of the founders. The name "GodsGirls" was adopted by models as an homage to a song bearing the same title, written and performed by LA-based indie band Scarlet Grey.[3]

Before launching as a stand-alone website, GodsGirls maintained an active and popularly visited page on the social networking site MySpace, logging 33,870 "friends" by the time of Godsgirls.com's official opening.[4]


Officially registered under the name God's Girls L.L.C.,[5] the Godsgirls website began to operate in June 2006, with headquarters in West Hollywood, California.[6] Since its launch, the website has noted the participation of well-known alt-porn models such as Melodie Gore, Charity Laurus, Penthouse Pet Ashlee Adams, and former SuicideGirl Apnea.[7][8] Former staff members include make-up artist and singer Jeffree Star and photographer Christine Kessler.[9][10]


GodsGirls has been the subject of lawsuits by competitor alt-porn website SuicideGirls, mainly due to modeling contract altercations. SuicideGirls' modeling contract prevents former and current models from collaborating with competing sites or agencies in the same field by the inclusion of a non-compete clause.[1] Many former SuicideGirls models who have allegedly violated their contracts by pursuing modeling with competing websites have been threatened by legal action as well.[11][12] None of these lawsuits had resulted in a victory for the plaintiff.[13][14] One model described her experience with the founder, Annaliese Nielsen, as "rude and cold", and has said that models are given $50 per set.[15]


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