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God Eater Burst
God Eater Cover.jpg
North American cover art
ゴッドイーター バースト
(Goddo Ītā Bāsuto)
Genre Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
Developer Shift
Directed by Hiro Yoshimura
Produced by Yosuke Tomizawa
Genre Action role-playing
Platform PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Portable

God Eater
  • JP February 4, 2010
Gods Eater Burst
  • JP October 28, 2010
  • NA March 15, 2011
  • EU March 18, 2011

PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

God Eater Resurrection
JP 20151029October 29, 2015
TW Q4 2015[1]
Original video animation
Gods Eater Burst Prologue
Directed by Takayuki Hirao
Music by Go Shiina
Studio Ufotable
Released September 28, 2009
Runtime 12 minutes
Anime television series
God Eater
Directed by Takayuki Hirao
Music by Go Shiina
Studio Ufotable
Licensed by
Network Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, BS11, KSS, EBC, OHK, JRT, Channel Neco
English network Daisuki, Crunchyroll
Original run July 12, 2015 – ongoing
Episodes 13 (List of episodes)
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Gods Eater Burst, known in Japan as God Eater Burst (ゴッドイーター バースト Goddo Ītā Bāsuto?), is a 2011 action role-playing game for the PlayStation Portable, developed and published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan and published by D3 Publisher in North America.[2] The game is an enhanced version of God Eater (ゴッドイーター Goddo Ītā?), originally released exclusively in Japan on February 4, 2010. The enhanced version, featuring an expanded story and new game mechanics, was released in Japan on October 28, 2010, in North America on March 15, 2011, and in Europe on March 18, 2011. The opening and ending theme songs for the game are "Over the Clouds" and "My Life", both of which are sung by Alan.[3] A sequel, God Eater 2, was released in Japan in November 2013. A television anime series based on the game is currently being produced by Ufotable.[4]

Another upcoming game titled God Eater Resurrection has been announced,[5] which will serve as a remake of God Eater Burst for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, due for release on October 29, 2015.[6]


Gameplay of Gods Eater Burst.

The game has a storyline which can be experienced with names and voice actors in single-player mode. Players play as a young, previously unemployed warrior who has decided to go up against powerful creatures called "Aragami"; warriors who face these beasts are called "God Eaters."[2] The game's mission-based single-player mode consists of more than 100 missions, with co-operative play of up to three teammates over local adhoc wireless multiplayer or AI-controlled teammates. The North American version of the game also supported the PlayStation 3's adhoc Party.[7] The game features character creation allowing customization of hair style, hair color, face, skin, clothing, voice and weapons using special materials. Equipment is divided into five groups: Blade, Gun, Shield, Control Unit and Upgrades. Weapons can be switched between melee, ranged and shield in-mission. In addition to the main story arc featured in the original God Eater, Gods Eater Burst features an added storyline not featured in the original Japanese release.[8]

Along with the second story arc, Gods Eater Burst adds two new gameplay features: Bullet Customization and Burst Mode.[9][10] By devouring an Aragami that is still alive, God Eaters temporarily enter a state called "Burst Mode" in which their speed, strength and energy regeneration increase.[10] While in this state, the Control Unit equipped to the God Arc bestows the God Eater with helpful status effects that vary depending on which Control Unit is equipped. In addition, New-Type God Eaters are able to send teammates into an artificial Burst Mode called "Linked Burst" by firing special bullets at their teammates. These A-bullets are acquired whenever a New-Type God Eater devours a living Aragami, with the effects and duration of a Linked Burst capable of "stacking" up to three times by being hit with multiple A-bullets in succession.[10]



The game sets in Japan in the year 2071 where the world has been mostly destroyed by mysterious monsters known as the Aragami. An organization known as Fenrir was made to exterminate Aragami using weapons called God Arcs which is made from the cells of an Aragami. Those who specialize in exterminating Aragami are known as God Eaters. Originally God Eaters had one type in which their God Arcs can only keep gun form or blade form, however a new type has been discovered that can switch between gun and blade form. Since then, they have been classified new-types and the previous as old-types.


The story revolves around the Hero character (named and customized by the Player) as he joins Fenrir Far East Branch alongside Kota after discovering that he is a new-type God Eater. Soon after he joins he is assigned under Lindow, leader of the first unit, in which he advises them not to die and to run when needed. He eventually meets more members of the first unit; Sakuya and Soma along with their instructor, Tsubaki. A while later, he also meets the members of the Fenrir Far East Branch; Kanon, Tatsumi, Gina, Karel, Shun, etc. When a second new-type God Eater named Alisa joined the first unit on a mission, a group of Prithvi Mata (an Aragami) ambushed them which causes for Alisa to experience a physiological episode and accidentally trapped Lindow. The rest of the first unit was able to escape; however, Lindow was left behind. After they returned to the base, Alisa is immediately treated for her episodes and is temporarily removed from combat duty. It was then revealed that they are due to her childhood trauma of watching her parents eaten by an Aragami and the fact that she was hypnotized by her therapist.

The Hero, after teaching Alisa the proper way of fighting again, was able to help her eliminate her trauma and she was returned to the front lines again. Meanwhile, Sakuya, after grieving for the missing Lindow, found a secret message from him but was inaccessible without Lindow's armlet. The Hero is then promoted as the new leader of the first unit, in which the director of the Fenrir Far East Branch, Johannes attempts to use him in top secret missions in efforts to find the entity called as the "singularity". Dr. Paylor Sakaki soon deceived the Director into searching for the singularity in Europe after telling him that a mysterious Aragami appeared there. Sakaki was left in-charge of the Fenrir Far East Branch for some time until the director comes back. Shortly, Sakaki sent the Hero with the other members of the first unit to a secret mission which eventually leads to the discovery of a human-like Aragami named Shio. As they keep Shio a secret from the Director and learns from her, the first unit have been sent to search missions for Lindow after his armlet gave off active signals. Finally, the first unit had found his armlet and Sakuya was able to access Lindow's secret message. Sakuya then discovers that Lindow was secretly investigating Johannes' secret project known as the Ark Project.


  • The player (プレイヤー Pureiyā?) is a new recruit on Far East Branch who is assigned as a member of the first unit of God Eaters.[11] The player is also the first New-Type God Eater to join the Far East Branch. In various God Eater media, the male player's default name is revealed to be Yuu Kannagi (神薙 ユウ Kannagi Yū?) while in the anime adaptation, he is named as Lenka Utsugi (空木 レンカ Utsugi Renka?). Lenka is voiced by Ryuuichi Kijima.
  • Lindow Amamiya (雨宮 リンドウ Amamiya Rindō?) is the leader of the first unit and boasts the highest survival rate (90%). His God Arc is an Old-Type Long Blade.[11] Voiced by Hiroaki Hirata in Japanese and by Kyle Hebert in English.
  • Soma Schicksal (ソーマ・シックザール Sōma Shikkuzāru?) is a member of the first unit who avoids interacting with others but have a high survival rate the same as Lindow too. He is also very strong and strangely can regenerate his wounds faster than any other human. His God Arc is an Old-Type Buster Blade.[12] Voiced by Kazuya Nakai in Japanese and by Yuri Lowenthal in English.
  • Sakuya Tachibana (橘 サクヤ Tachibana Sakuya?) is the sub-leader of first unit. She is a top-rank shooter and her god arc is a sniper (old-type; long range) [11] Voiced by Sayaka Ohara in Japanese and by Michelle Ruff in English.
  • Kota Fujiki (藤木 コウタ Fujiki Kōta?) is a member of the first unit who joins the God Eaters at the same time as the player. His god arc is an assault (old type; long range). [11] Voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in Japanese and by Johnny Yong Bosch in English.
  • Alisa Illinichina Amiella (アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ Arisa Irīnichina Amiēra?) is the new-type recruit from the Russia branch who has mental traumas of Aragami. Her god arc is Long Blade Assault (New type).[13] Like the player, Alisa is also a New-Type. Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese, and by Kate Higgins in English.
  • Tsubaki Amamiya (雨宮 ツバキ Amamiya Tsubaki?) is Lindow's sister who also acts as a supervisor of the first, second, and third units.[11] Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in Japanese and by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in English.
  • Johannes von Schicksal (ヨハネス・フォン・シックザール?) is the head of the Far Eastern branch of Fenrir, Anagura. With his soft demeanour, he excels in political negotiating between the various branches. He is also the Father of Soma. Voiced by Rikiya Koyama in Japanese and by Crispin Freeman in English.
  • Hibari Takeda (竹田 ヒバリ Takeda Hibari?) is a Far East Branch operator, mainly in charge of taking orders for missions and processing rewards. Despite being on the list of Possible Matches for Gods Eaters, she has yet to find a bias factor with a high enough compatibility rate. Voiced by Kanae Itō in Japanese and by Laura Bailey in English.
  • Paylor Sakaki (ペイラー・榊?) is a founding member of Fenrir and current Chief Supervisor of its Far East Branch's Aragami Technology Department. He is the one who discovered the Bias Factor. Voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in Japanese and by Fritz Bronner in English.
  • Aisha Gauche (アイーシャ・ゴーシュ?) is a founding member of Fenrir and Chief of Aragami Research Lab as well as the deceased wife of Johannes von Schicksal, and the mother of Soma Schicksal. Voiced by Rika Fukami in Japanese and by Wendee Lee in English.
  • Rikka Kusonoki (楠 リッカ Kusonoki Rikka?) a female mechanic of the God Arc Maintenance Crew. Voiced by Chiaki Omigawa in Japanese and by Megan Hollingshead in English.
  • Tatsumi Oomori (大森 タツミ Oomori Tatsumi?) a member of the 2nd Unit and leader of the Defense Unit. When not in duty, he's frequently seen hitting on Hibari at her counter. His god arc is an Short Blade (old-type). Voiced by Takeshi Mori in Japanese and by Sam Riegel in English.


The game was directed by Yoshimura Hiro, produced by Yosuke Tomizawa. Character designs were provided by Koichi Itakura and Sokabe Shuji.[14]

God Eater was initially announced on July 9, 2009 by Namco Bandai Games.[2] Shortly after the game's Japanese release a North American release was announced by a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings, D3 Publisher, for a Q3 2010 release.[7] However, D3 announced that it would be delayed to sometime in 2011.[15]

Namco Bandai teased a new God Eater project with an event known as God Eater Fes 2010 which was scheduled to take place in Akiba Square on July 11, 2010.[16] However, five days prior to the event, Famitsu revealed God Eater Burst, an "evolved" version of the original God Eater. The game was confirmed to contain additional arms, a new story, characters, enemies along with rebalanced gameplay and brushed up graphics.[17]

On January 12, 2011 it was revealed that the North American title would be changed to Gods Eater Burst making the word God plural.[18]

There will be a sequel to the game entitled God Eater 2 on Famitsu, set two years after the first game.[19] The games first trailer was released July 21, 2012 during the annual gaming convention Tokyo Game show. It was released on November 14, 2013.

Related media[edit]

Printed media[edit]

Several light novel series adaptations have been released. The first novel series was written by Yuurikin, illustrated by Sokabe Shuji, published by Enterbrain and serialized in Famitsu Bunko magazine. The chapters were compiled into a single volume and released on June 30, 2010 under the title God Eater: Kinki o yaburu mono (ゴッドイーター 禁忌を破る者 God Eater: Those Who Break the Taboo?).[20] The second is made up of two-volumes: God Eater: Alisa in Underworld (GOD EATER ~アリサ・イン・アンダーワールド~?) and God Eater: Knockin 'On Heaven's Door (GOD EATER ~ノッキン・オン・ヘブンズドア~?). They were written by Ryuzaki Tsukasa, illustrated by Sokabe Shuji, and published by Kadokawa Shoten. The novels were released on September 18, 2010 and December 18, 2010 respectively.[21][22]

The game had also received several manga adaptations written by Namco Bandai. The first is titled God Eater: Kyūseishu no Kikan (GOD EATER -救世主の帰還- God Eater -Return of the Messaiah-?) was illustrated by Osan Eijii, published by Kodansha, and serialized in Rival Comics magazine. As of December 28, 2011, the series was completed and compiled into five volumes.[23] The second is titled God Eater: the spiral fate and was illustrated by Saito Rokuro, published by Dengeki Comics and serialized in Side-B.N Magazine. As of November 27, 2010, the manga was completed and compiled into two volumes.[24] A third manga titled God Eater: the summer wars was illustrated by Okiura, published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Dragon Age Comics Magazine. The series was completed and compiled into a single volume on May 7, 2012.[25]

Other media[edit]


A twelve-minute prequel original video animation was made by Ufotable and aired on September 28, 2009.[26] In September 2014, a television anime series, also produced by Ufotable, was announced. The series will be directed by Takayuki Hirao with character designs by Keita Shimizu.[27] The anime began airing on July 12, 2015, after the first episode was delayed by a week due to production issues.[28] Four "Extra" episode have pre-empted regular episodes that were previously scheduled.The opening theme is "Feed A" by Oldcodex. The Tokyo MX station, Yahoo! TV Japan, and other Japanese television schedules listed episode 9 of the God Eater anime, that aired on September 27 as the final television episode. The new anime Comet Lucifer took over God Eater's 10:30 p.m. timeslot on October 4.

Episode 9 of the God Eater anime aired with an announcement that the remaining episodes 10-13, are "coming this winter." The anime's official website and Twitter account will provide more details as they are made public.

The remaining episodes are:

  • Episode 10 "Sange" (A Glorious End)
  • Episode 11 "Meteor Light"
  • Episode 12 "Dai-Ichi Butai" (First Unit)
  • Episode 13 "Renge" (Lotus Flower)

The announcement listed the following words next to the episode numbers and titles: "Kako" (Past), "Hatsudō" (Set in Action), "Unknown," and "Mirai" (Future).


No. Title Original air date
0 "Gods Eater Burst Prologue"
September 28, 2009
In 2065, six years before the events of Gods Eater Burst, God Eater Soma, a new member of the Fenrir Far East Branch, travels to a strategic command base in former Russia for his first mission, accompanied by teammate Lindow and his older sister Tsubaki. They are instructed to assist troops in guiding an Aragami colony towards a nuclear fusion reactor, which will be detonated to wipe them all out. Soon afterward, the Aragami attack the reactor and breach its primary defense. With the reactor still preparing to reach its critical point for an explosion, Soma, Lindow, and Tsubaki battle the Aragami to keep them rooted to their position and distracted. Though the God Eaters outmatch the Aragami forces, the soldiers retreat at the behest of their captain, abandoning the trio at the reactor. The captain then manually detonates the reactor, but an unknown force absorbs the nuclear explosion, preventing it from doing any cataclysmic damage. Soma, Lindow, and Tsubaki survive, and are evacuated by helicopter. As Lindow asks Soma if he is still willing to come with them in "this messed-up world", a mysterious figure watches the helicopter depart in the desert below. 

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1 "Lenka Utsugi"
"Utsugi renka" (空木レンカ) 
July 12, 2015
In the midst of an Aragami attack, classmates Lenka Utsugi and Kota Fujiki begin training under Tsubaki's orders. Hoping to go out and destroy as much Aragami as he could, Lenka voluntarily undergoes a strict, daily training regiment set up by himself, but winds up constantly failing his training missions. Hoping to cheer him up, Kota takes him to the weapons factory, where he is allowed to see his God Arc early. Later on, Aragami breach the settlement from both sides. With low numbers on the defense force, Lenka volunteers to go out and defeat the Aragami. Though Tsubaki turns down his request, he takes his God Arc and runs outside, with attempts at stopping him proving to be useless when he activates his Burst Mode. Reaching the middle of town, Lenka confronts several Aragami as they try to kill another God Eater, but one of them knocks his God Arc out of his hand. He is then rescued by the First Unit, consisting of God Eaters Soma, Lindow, and Sakuya, who easily dispatch most of the Aragami. Lenka then notices one remaining Aragami trying to kill a woman. Retrieving his God Arc, he transforms it into its gun form and kills it, impressing the members of the First Unit. 
2 "Lindow Amamiya"
"Amamiya rindō" (雨宮リンドウ) 
July 19, 2015

The episode opens with the members of the First Unit, most notably Sakuya, remarking on the transformation of Lenka's God Arc from a sword form to gun form. Lenka himself is dumbfounded, but shortly finds himself unable to fire and is assailed by an Ogretail as Lindow shouts at him to revert his God Arc to its blade form. As Sakuya blasts the Ogretail away with a single shot, more Ogretails are crushed underfoot by an arriving Vajra. As Lindow, Soma, and Sakuya prepare for battle, Lenka looks on.

Lindow instructs Sakuya to eliminate the Aragami around the perimeter and Soma to hold down the Vajra while he (Lindow) takes care of it. Lenka states his intention to help, but Lindow dismisses him, telling him to go hide with Eric. However, Lenka insists on providing aid, so after he and Sakuya take Eric to safety, Sakuya explains to Lenka how to operate a gun-type God Arc. The two of them rush out and fire upon multiple Aragami, with Lenka taking out a Kongou in a single blast. However, with the Vajra looming close as Lindow and Soma fight it, Sakuya tosses a stun grenade to blind it. Noticing that Soma appears to be overwhelmed, Lenka rushes in and fires off another blast directly at the Vajra's face from close range. This, however, incites the Vajra's wrath, and Lenka is knocked away by the Vajra's area-effect lightning blast. Lindow moves to Lenka's aid; however, the Vajra looms above them both, ready to strike.

The scene then cuts to Lenka being rushed to a medical facility on a gurney. He loses consciousness, but the vision of an unknown Aragami-like face jolts him awake. Tsubaki then locks Lenka in a holding cell to await court-martial for disobeying orders not to mobilize. Lenka demands to know what happened after he lost consciousness during the battle against the Vajra, but Tsubaki merely replies that she "never should have let him go." On her way out, Tsubaki runs into Lindow, who remarks on Lenka's New-Type status as Tsubaki tosses him the compass that was in the pocket of Lenka's discarded Fenrir uniform.

The next scene shows Johannes von Schicksal video-conferencing with the higher-ups at Fenrir, who hand down a judgment that Lenka must surrender his God Arc as punishment for disobeying orders. Johannes remarks that it would behoove them to allow Lenka to keep his God Arc due to the rarity of new-type users; however, the higher-ups retort that a new new-type, Alisa, is on her way from the Russia Branch as they speak.

Later, Lindow comes to visit Lenka at his holding cell. He chastises Lenka for his actions, yet at the same time he commends him for his bravery, while subsequently announcing news of the Vajra's destruction. However, he goes on to state that Eric died in the battle.

Meanwhile, on the plane, Daigo Oguruma hands Alisa her medicine. He asks if she is nervous, to which she responds negatively, as Oguruma is there with her. Oguruma explains that there is another New-Type at their destination (the Far East Branch) and wonders if he's as good as Alisa, to which she replies that there is no God Eater as good as her.

The scene then cuts back to the battle against the Vajra. Soma insists that Lindow leave Lenka behind lest he be killed by the Vajra, but Lindow replies that there's no way that can happen. As Lindow runs towards Sakuya carrying Lenka's body, she (Sakuya) fires her last bullet, announcing further that she had used up her last stun grenade. As the Vajra lets loose with another lightning blast, the Second and Third Units arrive on the scene, where Tatsumi orders them to action. They bombard the Vajra with gunfire, holding it in place as Lindow chastises Tatsumi for the Defense Unit's late arrival. Lindow then tosses Lenka's unconscious body to Tatsumi as he fires up his chainsaw and walks towards the Vajra, preparing for battle. He leaps into the air and descends on the Vajra with a strike to its head from above.

The scene then cuts to the aftermath of the battle, with Lindow standing atop the Vajra as a nearby civilian thanks them for Lenka’s assistance. Eric is then immediately and unceremoniously devoured by an Ogretail. Eric breathes his last with a smile on his face as the sun rises. Back in his cell, Lenka remarks on how Eric saved him. Lindow then tosses him the compass he received from Tsubaki as he asks if it is accurate.

Meanwhile, in the Director’s office, Johannes and Tsubaki are discussing the Aegis Plan and the impending arrival of the second new-type, Alisa, from the Russia Branch. Johannes further expounds upon the Plan, remarking that the loss of a new-type would prove to be a headache for the plan. Lindow and Tsubaki are then seen in formal suits as they head to Eric’s funeral. Lenka is then seen sitting in his cell, gazing at his compass.

Later, the Defense Unit, along with Lindow, Hibari, and Licca, hold a toast to Eric’s memory as they discuss his final moments. Hibari mentions Lenka’s attempts to fight off the Aragami without a God Arc. Lindow mentions that there was another person like that, long ago, but when pressed for details by Hibari, he claims that he does not remember. He then proceeds to Lenka’s holding cell and asks him about the incident, as Lenka responds by demanding if Lindow would have just run away had he been in Lenka’s situation. At the end of the scene, Lenka begs Lindow to teach him how to fight.

The scene then cuts to the planes transporting Alisa, as they come under attack from a swarm of unknown flying Aragami. They destroy a handful of planes as the First Unit is ordered to mobilize. Tsubaki remarks that it will be just Lindow and Sakuya, but Lindow responds by mentioning Lenka as a replacement. Tsubaki visits Lenka in his holding cell and gives Lenka a choice: either wait for the judgment from the higher-ups, or prove himself on the battlefield as someone useful. Lenka accepts the offer, heading out to join Lindow and Sakuya on the battlefield as Tsubaki herself notes her disapproval of Lindow’s plan and instructs Lenka not to let Eric’s death be in vain.

As Lenka leaves his cell, he comes upon Lindow, who delivers his iconic speech: “I have three orders. Don’t die. If your life is threatened, run. And hide. Then wait for your chance, and strike.” Lenka remarks that that’s four orders, to which Lindow merely replies not to go in the wrong direction.

Johannes is then seen in his office, as the scene cuts to another flashback of him, Aisha, and Sakaki as Fenrir scientists researching Oracle cells. They remark on the unnatural speed of the cells’ evolution as the scene cuts back to the flying Aragami attacking the planes and Lenka preparing to mobilize with Lindow and Sakuya. Meanwhile, Alisa has the hatch of her plane opened as she prepares to do battle with the flying Aragami. 
3 "Alisa Illinichina Amiella"
"Arisa Irīnichina Amiēra" (アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ) 
July 26, 2015

The episode opens with an Ouroboros emerging from the depths of the ocean and leaping across the waves.

Far above, a helicopter containing Lindow, Sakuya, and Lenka travels to its destination, the planes carrying Alisa that are under attack by the unknown flying Aragami. Lindow mentions to Lenka that the new God Eater is a new-type like him. As the plane comes into view, thousands upon thousands of the new Aragami can be seen swarming it. Down below, Alisa can be seen fighting off the Aragami that surround her. Lindow broadcasts on Alisa’s comm frequency, instructing her to escape, but Alisa denies, stating her intention to fight. However, Lenka nonetheless prepares for battle as he and Sakuya lay down cover fire from the helicopter. Numerous Aragami fly under the plane as Alisa hooks herself to the plane’s fuselage to engage them on the underside. She demonstrates her God Arc’s devouring capabilities as she devours one of them, gaining an Aragami Bullet to reload her empty magazine. Shortly thereafter, one of the flying Aragami suddenly grows an upper part and lets out a roar as more of them are summoned to the plane. The scene then shifts to a flashback of Johannes, Sakaki, and Aisha as they demonstrate the resonance phenomenon wherein separated Oracle cells can call out to each other. Meanwhile, as the new swarm of Aragami approaches, Lindow instructs the helicopter’s pilot to approach the plane so that he and Lenka can descend and assist Alisa directly. Alisa demonstrates remarkable proficiency in aerial combat as she swings around via her hook and blasts away at the flying Aragami. At this moment, Lenka and Lindow descend onto the plane, Lindow instructing Lenka to pursue Alisa as she retreats inside the plane. Alisa, however, is having none of it, and places Lenka in a submission hold, which he then breaks out of as the two engage in hand-to-hand combat. Alisa lays him out before announcing her intention not to leave the plane or go with Lenka and Lindow. Further inside the plane, Lenka witnesses her reasoning—many Fenrir members are injured, including Daigo Oguruma, and Alisa can be seen helping them. Lenka explains the situation to Lindow, who explains that they can only survive if they only rescue Alisa. Lenka, however, refuses that course of action, stating his intention to save the transport plane and make it to the Far East Branch. Alisa agrees to an alliance as the three of them—Lindow, Lenka, and Alisa—decide on a course of action for dealing with the Aragami. Sakuya fires a flare that scatters the Aragami with a massive explosion as Lenka and Lindow begin to fight. Lenka quickly finds himself out of ammo, but he shifts his God Arc to its blade form and devours one of the flying Aragami in the process of evolving from an incredible distance, replenishing his ammo. Lenka subsequently demonstrates remarkable proficiency in form-changing his God Arc as he expertly fights off one Aragami after another. The teamwork between him and Alisa is readily apparent as the two of them cover each other’s angles perfectly while destroying more Aragami. As the last of the Aragami are destroyed, the three of them breathe a sigh of relief as the operation ends. Meanwhile, Tsubaki announces the operation’s success to Johannes back at the Far East Branch. On the plane, Alisa questions Lindow about the Far East Branch’s practices, displeased by the Branch’s apparent disregard for anyone who is not immediately useful to them. Suddenly, however, Sakuya announces the approach of a new, massive Oracle reaction. Sakuya jumps out of the helicopter with the pilot strapped to her as the plan to make the helicopter into a decoy is announced. The source of the reaction is soon made apparent as the Ouroboros from before descends from the sky, truly the size of a mountain, stunning Lenka and Alisa into silence. Lindow states that is an Aragami that they should steer clear of, but Lenka remains silent. Meanwhile, a further flashback to the laboratory displays the ability of Oracle cells to multiply and divide massively, as an induced reaction causes the formation of what appears to be the first Aragami, which attacks the three scientists moments before they put up a shuttered barrier. On the plane, Alisa glances at Lenka as the plane flies further towards the Far East Branch. 
4 "Aegis"
"Eijisu" (エイジス) 
August 9, 2015

The episode opens on Johannes reminiscing on his time with Sakaki and Aisha researching Oracle cells, discussing the possibility that Fenrir HQ will shut down their project over recent developments. Back in the present, Tsubaki enters Johannes’ office and formally introduces Lenka and Alisa to the Director. He begins to explain to the two of them about the Aegis Project, and announces that Lenka’s actions in protecting Alisa’s transport have won him the suspension of all charges against him for insubordination.

Outside the office, in the elevator, Tsubaki announces that Lenka and Alisa will be formally assigned to the First Unit along with Kota Fujiki. Lindow, behind them, formally introduces himself and the other members of the Unit to the new recruits. Kota proposes that the three of them go into town to celebrate, but Alisa refuses—as does Lenka, who states that he’d rather train; however, Kota convinces him to accompany him anyway. Meanwhile, later on, Alisa reminisces on a conversation with Daigo Oguruma about Lenka.

While the two of them are out, Lindow and Kota catch sight of Fenrir distribution of food and daily essentials to those who live in the outer ghetto, a concept unfamiliar to Lenka, who hails from outside the walls. Kota stops in for a visit to his mother, introducing her to Lenka and announcing the news of his announcement of his assignment, who reacts negatively, fearing for his safety. Kota subsequently leaves, while his mother begs him to come back safely.

Outside, Kota and Lenka gaze upon the sight of the battle from the first episode, Lenka reminiscing on the carnage and death he witnessed. Kota mentions the Aegis Project, wishing earnestly for its completion so that everyone can live in peace. Kota takes Lenka atop Fenrir’s walls, where he points out Aegis Island on the horizon. When Kota mentions that the island will be able to shelter every human on Earth once completed, Lenka feels true hope for the first time.

Later, Kota and Lenka accompany the rest of the First Unit on a mission to take down six Gboro-Gboro. Alisa is paired with Lindow, Lenka with Sakuya, and Kota with Soma, as Sakuya and Lindow explain the nature of devouring with a God Arc. Lenka subsequently devours and extracts the core of one of the Gboro-Gboros as the two of them—Lenka and Sakuya—move onto the next target. Meanwhile, Alisa and Lindow are fighting another one, but Alisa dispatches it singlehandedly while Lindow laments her inability to fight as part of a two-man cell. Kota and Soma search for more, but one jumps out of a wall behind Kota, startling him as Soma throws a stun grenade and takes it out while questioning Kota’s qualifications as a God Eater.

Lenka and Sakuya pursue another Gboro-Gboro, but upon arrival, they find Alisa in the process of devouring a second one in the vicinity. Sakuya takes out the initial one and instructs Alisa to finish it off, but Alisa ignores the order while it gets up and comes after her. Lenka jumps down to provide assistance, fighting the Gboro-Gboro singlehandedly as it blasts him with a water cannon attack; however, Soma kicks Lenka out of the blast and finishes the Aragami off as Lindow watches from above.

After the mission, Sakuya chews out Alisa as the rest of them discuss their kill counts before they all head home. However, a group of civilians stands in their path, beseeching them for aid. They explain that most of their group was lost in an Aragami attack, and that they were headed to the Far East Branch for security. Lenka explains that he and his comrades are God Eaters, much to the amazement of a young girl with them. Upon arrival at the Far East Branch, Sakuya directs the civilians to the appropriate gate as the First Unit returns to base. However, Lenka witnesses the entire group being turned away because none of them were judged to be compatible with a God Arc. Lenka attempts to intervene but is stopped by Lindow, watching as the civilians are forced to exit Fenrir’s gates.

The episode concludes with another flashback. Johannes looks over the report to headquarters regarding the incident with the Oracle Cell mutation, deleting a portion of the report and replacing it with falsified information. 
5 "An Eye for An Eye (All In Vain)"
"Adabana" (仇(徒)花) 
August 16, 2015

The episode opens with the First Unit returning from their mission, with Hibari acknowledging the contribution of the needed cores. Lenka begins to say something to Lindow but decides against it, leaving as the rest discuss the recent situation with the civilians and the differing viewpoints Lenka would have as someone from the outside.

Lenka awakes from a nightmare of the civilians being killed by Aragami as it rains outside. In the distance, a Dyaus Pita can be seen devouring a corpse. Later, Lenka inquires about the Aegis Project with Hibari, who states that the project is less than 1% completed, citing the size of Aragami cores used as a reason.

Kota walks in on Lenka in the God Arc storage room where the latter looks at a swiftly-decreasing counter listing the number of survivors within the Far East Branch.

Soma approaches Hibari, who states that the Director has a special mission for him. He joins Lenka and Kota in the God Arc storage room, where he challenges Lenka’s resolve for coming to the Far East Branch.

Subsequently, Sakuya, Lenka, Kota, and Alisa can be seen addressing Tsubaki, who gives them the rundown of their next mission: extract the cores of two large-type Aragami. Sakuya counters that they lack the manpower for such a mission and proposes a mission to hunt six Gboro-Gboros instead, which Tsubaki approves. However, Lenka and Kota both express their desire to hunt a large-type instead. When faced with the prospect of hunting a Vajra, both of them are hesitant, but Alisa voices her enthusiasm for the Vajra mission. Sakuya reluctantly approves the operation.

Later on, in the middle of a rainy junk-filled wasteland, the four God Eaters can be seen fighting the Vajra. They take one down, but another soon appears. Kota is hesitant to finish the fallen Vajra off, but Sakuya encourages him, as he delivers the final shot and Lenka devours the core. Meanwhile, Alisa pursues the second Vajra into a building which turns out to house a number of civilians, all of whom flee as the Vajra pursues them out. However, a third Vajra breaks through the wall of the building as Alisa follows, the two Vajras flanking the other three God Eaters. As one of the Vajras is about to strike, it is taken down by the Dyaus Pita from earlier, wreathed in a dark aura—Alisa recognizes this Dyaus Pita as the Aragami that devoured her parents.

As the Dyaus Pita devours another Vajra, the four God Eaters watch on in horror as Alisa calls the Aragami’s name and flies into a berserker rage, downing a handful of pills as she charges at the Dyaus Pita. Sakuya instructs Kota and Lenka to follow her and bring her back. Meanwhile, the Dyaus Pita makes short work of Alisa, sending her flying with a powerful strike and scattering the other three with a lightning attack. As Lenka watches on, the Dyaus Pita kills a number of civilians at once with a single claw strike. With Sakuya and Kota still paralyzed, Lenka cries out in anger as the Dyaus Pita pursues further civilians, but Alisa draws its attention as she fires on it. However, it proves to be more than a match for her, outwitting her with superior speed and getting the drop on her from behind a rock as it sends her flying against another rock face. It then turns its attention back to the civilians, but as Lenka jumps down from above to attack it, it extends the telltale skeletal wings of a Dyaus Pita Renewal and intercepts Lenka in midair with a winged slash, dealing a grievous wound.

The newly awakened Dyaus Pita Renewal advances on the civilians, but Lenka holds it back as the Aragami emits a strangely human laugh. As the Bias Factor flows further through Lenka’s body, the Dyaus Pita breaks his God Arc and impales him against the ground. Lenka struggles to rise, but is forced to watch as the Dyaus Pita massacres the rest of the civilians before his eyes. As what remains of his God Arc attempts to transform, the Dyaus Pita shatters it once more, bathing Lenka in blood as it devours the rest of the civilians. Alisa fires on it from a distance, but it is futile. The Dyaus Pita turns its attention to her, freeing Lenka from its grasp. However, Kota and Sakuya arrive on the scene, distracting the Dyaus Pita so that Lenka can carry Alisa to safety. The Dyaus Pita attempts to pursue him as he drops to the ground, out of strength. Lenka gives up, praying to God to deliver him from his predicament—as the Dyaus Pita’s weight breaks the fragile land bridge supporting the three of them, sending them all plummeting into a river below.

The next scene shifts to a flashback, as Sakaki, Johannes, and Aisha look upon the results of further Oracle Cell research. Sakaki explains the existence of an Oracle Cell core among the cell colony while expressing skepticism as to how their research was approved for continuation. Johannes answers a phone call as the three of them are called for a meeting with the U.S. military. The military representative explains to them the discovery of various mutated animal-like organisms discovered across the world, including a mutated canine creature discovered on the American west coast. He explains how conventional weaponry, such as guns, has no effect on these creatures. As he states, all of these life forms share a certain commonality—they are all Oracle Cell colonies unified by a single core, presenting to Johannes a report on the newly discovered creatures . Sakaki expresses his surprise at the Oracle Cells’ evolution, as the military representative beseeches Johannes’ help as the director of Fenrir’s biochem research and energy development. 
6 "Stay True"
"Deichu no Hachisu" (泥中の蓮) 
August 30, 2015

The episode opens with Sakuya radioing the Far East Branch about the whereabouts of Lenka and Alisa. They have been found, but they have not responded. Tsubaki demands the dispatchment of a search party, but there is no one available.

Lenka awakens, submerged in a river, as he remembers his God Arc being shattered by the Dyaus Pita. A short ways away, he notices the remaining hilt, as well as Alisa’s body against a rock. He listens for a pulse and begins to perform CPR, begging her to live as she finally regains consciousness. Overhead, in the City of Mercy, more Aragami are on the prowl.

Inside one of the buildings in the city, Alisa reawakens on a bed as she has flashbacks of the Dyaus Pita’s attack. She demands to know what happened to “Pita,” but Lenka has no further information. Alisa experiences a flashback to her parents’ death as she notices she has only one remaining pill. Lenka reveals that he could not find Alisa’s God Arc, so she leaves to retrieve it, but stops upon seeing how injured Lenka is. Returning to Lenka’s side, she performs basic first aid before noticing Lenka’s destroyed God Arc, which elicits no response when touched.

Down below, a Vajra prowls about. Alisa watches the door of their room in fear as she continues to experience flashbacks to the moments before her parents’ deaths. A further flashback reveals a scene of Alisa’s life as a young girl in the outer ghetto, which turns out to be the moments immediately preceding their being devoured by the Dyaus Pita. Alisa hides in a wardrobe as she bears witness to the Dyaus Pita devouring countless civilians before delivering the same fate to her parents, the Aragami meeting her gaze.

Back in the present, an Ogretail breaks down the door to Alisa’s room. She reaches for her empty pill case before Lenka knocks the Ogretail away and attempts to fight it with his broken God Arc. However, he is overpowered, and the two of them are knocked out a window and land underground.

Momentarily safe from the Aragami, the two of them stop and regain their senses. Lenka comments on the effectiveness of Alisa’s first aid as he wonders if his God Arc can be fixed. However, Alisa remarks that Lenka’s God Arc is dead, its spirit gone, now just a hunk of metal. As Lenka and Alisa hide from another Ogretail, Alisa laments the loss of her God Arc. The two of them decide to sneak out in search of it. As they run, they notice more Aragami pursuing and devouring various humans along the way. The two of them desperately run from pursuing Ogretails as they continue their search. At one point, Lenka, noticing that Alisa is cold, offers her his coat.

Eventually, the two of them notice the hilt of a God Arc in the river, which turns out to be Alisa’s. However, as she goes to pick it up, she is assailed by an Ogretail and finds herself unable to fight to her fullest potential, held back by her PTSD as two more Ogretails join in. Paralyzed by her flashbacks, she drops her God Arc and begins apologizing profusely as a great number of Ogretails close in. However, Lenka throws his God Arc to temporarily stun one, attempting to fight them off. Lenka rushes at the Ogretails but swiftly finds himself outnumbered, his desperate actions amounting to nothing. He attempts one final, desperate strike, but his God Arc is knocked away. Left with no other options, he uses his body as a human shield to protect Alisa—at the exact moment that a stun grenade is thrown and Lindow arrives on the scene, massacring the Ogretails.

After the ordeal, Lindow remarks on the situation, stating that Lenka had failed in his duty to protect others and had forgotten Lindow’s orders. He demands that Lenka pick up his God Arc and asks him why he became a God Eater.

The final scene is another flashback, as a young Johannes attempts to log onto a faulty Fenrir server. Aisha inquires about some files to be submitted before he leaves. Sakaki and Aisha then remark on Johannes’ current condition, before Aisha tracks down the file Johannes had mentioned, noticing a number of revisions contrary to the actual results of the experiment. She later arrives at Johannes’ room with some food, expressing her worries about his health.

A news report announces an update on the unknown life forms, with the United States government officially recognizing them as such. Johannes switches off the television and makes some coffee as Aisha mentions Johannes’ falsification of the report. He explains that he knew the risks but could not stop, in the name of science, but Aisha states that he is not to blame. As Johannes collapses to the floor in Aisha’s embrace. 
7 "A Flower in Bloom"
"Hokorobi" (綻び) 
September 6, 2015
After Lindow rescues Lenka and Alisa, he decided to go to a special place instead of heading to the extraction point. Lenka notices the trees on the hill but Lindow prevents Lenka from touching it. Lenka also sees the girl which was denied in seeking shelter in Fenrir, now lives on the special place they're heading to. It reveals that the special place guarded by Aragami-infused trees was monitored and under protection of Lindow, which Fenrir has no knowledge that the existence of the special place. Lenka accompanies Lindow in harvesting Aragami cells from trees and witnesses its offensive feature when an Aragami accidentally touches the tree. Meanwhile, Alisa takes a bath and her previous encounter with the Black Vajra continues to traumatize her. Trouble erupts at the sanctuary when a scorpion-like Aragami invades and manages to evade the trees. Lindow tells Lenka to protect the sanctuary and its people, and believe on his God Arc despite it is being damaged. Lenka comes up with a plan and coordinates the people in eliminating the Aragami. Lenka manages to distract the Aragami using various attacks until he uses ampules to inflict damage. However, the Aragami puts up its defense mechanism and Lenka uses the last ampule by powering his damaged God Arc, turning it into a monster that pushes the Aragami down to the stream and being washed away from the dam. Lindow notices Lenka's success while Alisa helplessly watches the events. Flashing back to Johannes, he and his team discovered the Oracle cells are evading a certain cell. Then their report was denied by the government, thinking they are being conspired. In present day, Johannes looks the development of Aegis on his computer. 
8 "Sakuya Tachibana"
"Tachibana Sakuya" (橘 サクヤ) 
September 20, 2015

The episode opens with Hibari Takeda on the events of the previous episodes and the aftermath. After Lenka and Alisa were rescued, they were brought back to the Far East Branch. Lenka’s God Arc was sent in for repairs, while Alisa was transferred to a psych ward, with no word on when either of them would return to the 1st Unit.

Later, Tsubaki is seen speaking to Johannes in his office, who remarks on the loss that Lenka and Alisa’s being out of commission has caused. Sakaki remarks on the Dyaus Pita, bringing up a file on it from the Russia Branch and mentioning a prior event that occurred there.

Tsubaki then speaks to Lindow in an elevator on the Dyaus Pita, wondering how it got to the Far East Branch. She mentions that Alisa has some connection to it, bringing up a file on Alisa’s past.

Alisa is then seen lying on a bed, trembling amidst flashbacks of her parents’ deaths. She awakens suddenly and grabs her pill case, throwing it down on the table and breaking a glass, scattering pills in the process.

Meanwhile, Lindow finishes examining Alisa’s file, stating his determination to take down the Dyaus Pita. Tsubaki, however, is hesitant, remembering the mountainous Ouroboros from the rendezvous operation. Back in Johannes’ office, Sakaki remarks on the Ouroboros, calling it an Ouroboros “variant” and mentioning the tendency of powerful Aragami being drawn to the Far East Branch. In the elevator, Lindow remarks on the same thing, as Tsubaki gives him a second file to open.

In Johannes’ office once again, Johannes inquires to Sakaki about the readiness of a certain device. Sakaki wonders if they should wait until Alisa and Lenka have recovered before using it; however, Johannes states that a psychiatric problem is beyond his control. Sakaki departs to check in with Licca on the status of Lenka’s God Arc.

Meanwhile, Lenka enters Licca’s workshop to check on how the repairs are going, only to find Sakaki there. Licca introduces Sakaki to Lenka, as the older man mentions that there is still a chance for Lenka’s God Arc to be restored. However, the problem in its snapping in half makes this difficult, as God Arcs are man-made Aragami. He expounds upon the mechanics of God Arcs, after which Lenka undergoes a medical and physiological examination. Miraculously, Lenka’s internal wounds from the battle against the Pita have completely healed. Sakaki approaches the monitor and is startled by something he sees.

Later on, Sakuya is seen in the shower as she reminisces on the battle against the Pita, how it slaughtered countless civilians while she was paralyzed. Exiting the shower, she finds Lindow in her room, who offers her a beer. As Sakuya dresses herself, Lindow asks her if she’s worried about Lenka and Alisa, advising her not to worry.

Later, as day breaks, Lenka enters the God Arc storage room and finds Sakuya there, as she and the rest of the 1st Unit prepare to depart on a joint mission with the 2nd Unit. Lenka wishes her good luck, as Sakuya mentions Lindow’s trust in him.

Lenka subsequently enters the command center, asking if he can watch the mission footage along with Tsubaki. Meanwhile, on the mission, Sakuya reports on the status of her team, as “six or seven” Kongou converge on their location. In the remains of a sports arena, the combined team fights off the Kongou, when, all of a sudden, the ground collapses, depositing the members of the team underground as more Kongou converge from above.

Lindow can be seen looking on Aegis Island from a distance, as he contemplates whether it is truly mankind’s hope for salvation or a den of evil, before leaping down and heading out. Meanwhile, the members of the joint force are still fighting the Kongou, with Tsubaki and Hibari unable to provide support due to a map of the underground facility being unavailable. Even more Kongou can be heard converging on their location as Tsubaki orders a retreat; however, Lenka defies her order and tells the joint force to press on underground. Tsubaki orders him back, but Lenka explains that retreating aboveground will only result in further collapses and that the joint force should find an underground exit. Tsubaki grabs Lenka by the collar, but Lenka insists, stating that if they move 100 meters from their current position, they should reach a wall. Sakuya backs Lenka up as Tsubaki finally relents and orders the joint force to follow Lenka’s plan. Almost immediately afterwards, the team reaches the wall, and Lenka is given a communications headset.

Lenka directs the joint force along a hallway, as they arrive at a waterway opening. The team moves along this opening, noticing an exit in the distance. Lenka orders the 1st Unit and Tatsumi to proceed on, and for the remaining two—Brendan and Kanon—to stay and hide in preparation for a pincer attack utilizing the entire team. Tsubaki and Hibari are astonished at Lenka’s strategic prowess as the team gets in position. As the Kongou pass their position, the team launches their attack.

Later on, as the team successfully returns to the Branch, the members of the team are seen congratulating Lenka on his leadership. Soma encourages Lenka to “tell Sakaki to hurry up and fix [Lenka’s] God Arc” before leaving. An elevator opens, depositing Tsubaki and Hibari into the God Arc storage room, where Tsubaki asks Lenka how he knew about the collapse. Lenka explains that a similar thing happened to him before he came to the branch, before stating that he is willing to accept any punishment. Tsubaki, however, denies, congratulating Lenka on his actions. Hibari states that Sakaki has called for a strategy meeting at 7 PM, before she, Tsubaki, and Kota leave as Sakuya approaches Lenka. She congratulates Lenka on how much he’s matured, before making a move to leave, only to be stopped by the sound of Lenka dropping his compass. Sakuya asks where he got it, before stating that he reminds her of Lindow from long ago.

Sakaki enters the God Arc storage room and invited Lenka with him. At the meeting, Johannes explains the current situation with the Aragami to all gathered, mentioning the current status of the Aegis Project. The scene then changes to within Aegis Island itself, as Lindow is seen infiltrating the facilities. He notices a hallway that is not on the map, proceeding down it.

Back at the meeting, Johannes states the possibility for controlling the Aragami’s actions. Meanwhile, in the God Arc maintenance room, Sakaki tells Lenka that it was his own overwhelmingly powerful compatibility rate, not the Dyaus Pita’s attack, that caused his God Arc to snap. Johannes, at the meeting, displays an image of an “Aragami guiding device” on the screen behind him, stating its versatility in selectively attracting Aragami.

Meanwhile, in Aegis Island, Lindow opens a door, coming out into a room where what is presumably the Nova hangs before him. Back in the God Arc maintenance room, Sakaki explains to Lenka the state of his compatibility rate, stating that it is far beyond their expectations.

Johannes states his plan to use multiple Aragami guiding devices to separate the Aragami into groups based on species, at which point every God Eater in the Branch will converge and destroy them. Meanwhile, in the medical office, Alisa states her determination to destroy the Dyaus Pita, to Oguruma’s astonishment. She demands a method by which to “take her fear away,” regardless of the price she must pay.

However, back in the God Arc maintenance room, Lenka is greeted with far more haunting news—because of his heightened compatibility rate, he has only a few years to live. At the meeting, Johannes further expounds on his plan, as Lindow is seen fleeing through the halls of Aegis. Johannes subsequently declares the start of “Operation Meteorite,” as Lenka confronts his fate.

The scene then shifts to a flashback to the year 2050, as Johannes, Sakaki, and Aisha remark upon test results of the Managarm Project. Aisha laments the loss of military funding, while Sakaki states that if they reveal their findings, they’d be driven out of Fenrir. Johannes, however, does not care, but at that moment, an earthquake rocks the entire planet. Johannes looks out the window, beholding enormous Oracle Cell spires rising from the ground, destroying all in their vicinity. All over the world, similar events are seen unfolding. The planet is then seen basking in a sinister glow as the Oracle spires are seen everywhere on the planet’s surface. Little by little, the planet is reduced to ruin.

A colony of Oracle Cells is seen gathering, as the first Aragami—an Ogretail—emerges from the ground wreathed in something akin to amniotic fluid, while more Aragami emerge from the ground around it. 
9 "Soma Schicksal"
"Sōma Shikkuzāru" (ソーマ・シックザール) 
September 27, 2015

The episode begins with Lenka facing the news that he does not have long to live. According to Sakaki, Lenka’s heightened compatibility rate is caused by his God Arc’s Oracle cells invading his body, and that, should he wield his God Arc further, his compatibility rate will rise even higher, hastening his impending death. Should Lenka refrain from using his God Arc, Sakaki explains, he will have another three years to live at most. Sakaki then explains how Bias and Bias Factor work, stating that, no matter Lenka’s choice, he cannot leave Fenrir, but, should he choose to continue fighting, Sakaki will restore Lenka’s God Arc.

We are subsequently treated to a flashback of Soma’s childhood, as we see him becoming the first God Eater and others—namely, Lindow and Tsubaki—following in his wake. Soma awakens from his dream as the scene shifts to Johannes’ office. He speaks to someone on the intercom, requesting reinforcements to be dispatched to intercept Lindow at Aegis.

A further flashback to the Aragami outbreak opens with a news report showcasing the ruins all over the world as soldiers attempt in vain to fight off the Aragami, which are formally named here. Meanwhile, Johannes, Sakaki, and Aisha are meeting in a room overlooking the destruction, with Johannes lamenting his own research practices as the three of them notice a building tipped with anti-Oracle cell lights, harkening back to their own experiments. From here, the term “Bias Factor” is coined. Johannes wonders if the Bias cell can be used as a weapon, stating the immediate resumption of their research.

Meanwhile, Tsubaki has gathered all the Far East Branch’s God Eaters for a meeting detailing the deployment of Operation Meteorite. She outlines strategies for placement of five different devices around the Branch, with Sakuya, Tatsumi, Brendan, Gina, and Lenka being announced as the leaders of the device placement teams and Soma ordered into Lenka’s unit.

Later, in Licca’s lab, Lenka and Sakaki survey the damage to Lenka’s God Arc, with Sakaki questioning Lenka’s resolve and restating the risks of using it in battle. Lenka then inquires about Soma’s “grim reaper” nickname, with Sakaki telling Lenka to look it up if he wants to know more. Upon doing so, Lenka finds that Soma’s surname is Schicksal, the same as Director Johannes.

The scene then shifts to another flashback of soldiers attempting to fight the Aragami, with anti-Aragami weapons being rendered useless by the Aragami’s evolving Bias. On the news, more and more countries are signing contracts of protection with Fenrir. Sakaki then reveals his latest invention to Johannes and Aisha—the God Arc, a living Aragami formed into an anti-Aragami weapon. He states the need for further research into safe utilization; however, Aisha has the idea to infuse the Bias Factor into a human being. While Sakaki is hesitant, Aisha states that infusing it into a developing embryo could make the resulting child adapt to the Bias Factor naturally. She then nominates herself as a test subject, announcing her pregnancy in the process.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, Soma meets with Johannes in an elevator as the two discuss the upcoming mission briefly. While Lenka gazes out a window, Lindow appears, back from his infiltration, claiming that he was on a “date.” Lindow remarks on Lenka’s mission with Soma, telling Lenka to keep an eye on him. As Lindow walks off, Lenka looks down at his tablet and notices an addendum on the information on the Managarm project, stating that Aisha died in childbirth.

Later, Tsubaki outlines further details of the placement of the Aragami guidance devices with Lenka, before being called to train new recruits. Lenka asks why she stepped down as a God Eater, as she responds by saying that, had he seen an Aragami being born, he would have no hope that the Aragami could ever be exterminated, while simultaneously explaining that she still has faith that the next generation will be able to end this.

On a helicopter, Lenka goes over the operation with Soma and three new recruits, one of whom states his unease at working with Soma, who replies that, if they don’t want to die, they should stay away from him. As the helicopter lands and the device deployment begins, Lenka surveys the area as a number of Ogretails converge on their location. Soma, however, eliminates them all in one hit with a mighty Charge Crush wave.

As the last defensive point is set around the guiding device, Lenka and Soma prepare to depart, but halt upon seeing the Aragami being born in the immediate vicinity of the guiding device. Lenka thinks back on Tsubaki’s words as he and Soma look upon the newly-born Chi-Yous attempting to bypass, then forcibly move, the barrier. Gradually, the Chi-Yous move the barrier more and more, as Soma descends from the helicopter to fight them. Lenka then orders the helicopter to descend so they can retrieve the guiding device; however, Soma tells them to stay in the air as he fights the Chi-Yous alone.

The Aragami waste no time in knocking him to the ground and surrounding him as he thinks back on the circumstances of his birth, as the scene shifts to another flashback to Aisha’s announcement of her own pregnancy. Sakaki congratulates her and Johannes, but Johannes expresses his reluctance at following through with Aisha’s plan. Aisha, however, insists on going through with it, expressing her desire to make her child into a beacon of hope for the future.

Back at the guiding device, Soma faces down the Chi-Yous as Lenka turns up the beacon to draw the Chi-Yous to him. As they turn their attention to him, he tells Soma to use his Charge Crush to eliminate the Chi-Yous all at once while they’re occupied. As the barrier begins to fail and Soma hesitates, Lenka reaffirms that Soma has every right to exist as his own person, as a beacon of hope rather than a harbinger of death. Hearing these words, Soma lets loose his Charge Crush, tearing the Chi-Yous apart as Lenka forces the wave back with his God Arc’s shield. Soma thinks Lenka has been killed, but Lenka radios him and tells him once again that he is not a grim reaper before passing out.

Upon his awakening, Soma confronts him about having viewed Soma’s file as Lenka reaffirms his own resolve while considering his own impending mortality. Soma then explains the futility of the Aegis plan, stating that the Aragami can never be truly destroyed. Lenka, however, implores Soma to pass his own hope for the future onto the next generation. As he struggles to rise, Soma offers him his hand.

A further flashback sees Aisha explaining to Johannes the name she has chosen for her child—Soma. The flashback then fades back to the present, as Johannes has a phone conversation with Oguruma and Alisa about Lenka’s actions at the dam in the forest from earlier. Meanwhile, Lenka tells Sakaki to restore his God Arc, stating his intentions to keep on fighting.

Lindow is then seen looking over photos he took while on Aegis, one of which shows the incubating Nova. Meanwhile, Oguruma displays an image of the Dyaus Pita to Alisa, as he reiterates that it was the Aragami that devoured her parents, before displaying an image of Lindow and explaining that “this is your enemy.”

As the episode ends, Sakaki finishes restoring Lenka’s God Arc, with Licca expressing surprise at its new form. Johannes is seen in his office as he thinks on the hope that Aisha left for the world’s tomorrow. Finally, Lenka can be seen gazing at Aegis out a window. 


The official God Eater Burst Drama and Original Soundtrack (GOD EATER BURST ドラマ&オリジナル・サウンドトラック?) was released on a single disc on December 22, 2010.[29] It was composed by Go Shiina and featured the game's theme Over the Clouds.


A trading card game was released as [God Eater Burst] Monster Collection Trading Card Game in September 2011. Two 50-card decks were released as God Eater Burst - God Eater and God Eater Burst - Aragami that included special dice, a reference sheet, and a play mat. A set of nine miniatures featuring the Aragami was released in Japan as Soul of Figuration God Eater. A cell phone game spin off titled, God Eater Mobile was developed by Mobage and released on December 16, 2010 in Japan for the i-Mode, EZWeb, and Yahoo! Keitai distribution service. Similar to the original PSP game, it features character customization, item purchasing and hunting Aragami.[30]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 74%
Metacritic 71/100
Review scores
Publication Score
Edge 6/10[31]
Eurogamer 7/10[10]
GameSpot 7.5/10[32]
IGN 6.5/10[9]

The game received mixed reviews, with a 71% on Metacritic and 74% on Game Rankings. The game scored well in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which gave a total score of 34 out of 40(9/9/8/8).[33] The original God Eater sold 295,000 copies in the first week of its Japanese release,[34] and by March 2011 God Eater had sold over 610,000 copies in Japan.[35][36][37] The re-release version, God Eater Burst, sold 263,150 copies within the first week of release in Japan.[38]

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