Godspeed the Vortex

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Godspeed the Vortex
Studio album by Trumans Water
Released 1993
Genre Indie rock
Label Way Out Sound
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Godspeed the Vortex is an album by Trumans Water. It was released on vinyl in 1993 and on CD in 1994 (with bonus tracks) by Negative Way Out Records, and is the second in a series of three "Godspeed" albums, all featuring improvised music. (The other improvised albums are Godspeed the Static and Godspeed the Hemorrhage; Godspeed the Punchline contains full-blown, studio-recorded songs). David Sprague of Trouser Press said of the album: "Riddled with intriguingly abrasive guitar figures that apply Eastern modality ("Syrup Is Tangled") and post-Sharrock prolapse ("True-Star Down"), the album shifts from ambient to demanding with pinpoint precision",[2] while Allmusic's Skip Jansen described it as "Eleven stabs of ecstatic lo-fi noise and avant-rock moves".[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Total X-Stasis" - 0:32
  2. "Odor is Free" - 9:20
  3. "Syrup is Tangled" - 4:01
  4. "Swordfish in the Trees" - 6:57
  5. "Ominous Blips Fore" - 3:38
  6. "True-Star Down" - 3:37
  7. "New Rupture" - 2:16
  8. "Soup of Volts" - 2:01
  9. "New Rapture" - 0:24
  10. "Ominous Blips Aft" - 4:13
  11. "Freon" - 1:48

CD-only bonus tracks

  1. "Wayout No. 7" - 11:38
  2. "The 20 Minute Song" - 19:38

Track listing notes: "Wayout No. 7" is the catalog number for the Jubileeee 7" EP (1992), also released by Negative Way Out Records. This track contains all the music from that release.


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