Godtfred Kirk Christiansen

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Godtfred Kirk Christiansen
2nd Leader of The Lego Group
In office
11 March 1958(1958-03-11) (aged 37) – June 13, 1995(1995-06-13) (aged 74)
Preceded by Ole Kirk Christiansen
Succeeded by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen
Personal details
Born (1920-07-08)July 8, 1920
Died June 13, 1995(1995-06-13) (aged 74)
Nationality Danish
Spouse(s) Edith Kirk Christiansen
Relations Father:Ole Kirk Christiansen
Mother:Kirstine Sørensen
Brother: Johannes Christiansen
Brother:Karl Georg Kirk Christiansen
Brother:Gerhardt Kirk Christiansen
Sister: Ulla Skov
Children 1st:Gunhild Kirk Johansen
2nd:Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen
3rd:Hanne Christiansen
Occupation Businessperson
Known for Managing Director of the Lego Group.

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (July 8, 1920 – July 13, 1995)[1] was the managing director of The Lego Group from 1957 to 1979.[2] He was the third son of company founder Ole Kirk Christiansen.

In 1950, he became Junior Vice President of the company on his 30th birthday.[3] He was appointed Managing Director in 1957, and became the head of the company after his father died in the following year.[3] By 1960, Godtfred had bought out his three brothers to become sole proprietor of the company.[citation needed]

He was married to Edith Kirk Christiansen, with whom he had 3 children, Gunhild Kirk Johansen, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Hanne Christiansen. Box Art designs from the 1950s show all three of their children playing with Lego bricks.[citation needed]

In October 1969 Hanne and Kjeld were driving home from a movie in the neighboring town of Give. Their car skidded off the road and hit a tree. Hanne was killed and Kjeld was seriously injured. The tragedy so shook Godtfred that he seriously considered selling the company.[citation needed] His son, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, became president and CEO of the Lego Group in 1979.[citation needed]


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