Godzilla (Main Theme)

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"Godzilla (Main Theme)"
Single by Akira Ifukube
from the album Godzilla
Released 1954
Genre Soundtrack
Length 1:32 (Original version)
Label Toho
Writer(s) Akira Ifukube
Akira Ifukube singles chronology
Godzilla (Main Theme)
Godzilla March

The Godzilla (Main Theme) is a musical theme written for the film Godzilla. Originally intended to be associated with the Japanese Self Defense force featured in the film, it became the official theme song for the monster character Godzilla and the entire franchise. Despite the track being titled as "Main Title" on the Godzilla soundtrack, fans and Toho Executives know the track as the Main Godzilla Theme or the Godzilla (Main Theme) song. The song first appeared on the original Godzilla film and in later sequels was replaced by a new theme titled Godzilla March. The Godzilla (Main Theme) re-used for the first time in Terror of Mechagodzilla, the last Godzilla film of the Showa era.


As the theme song was brought back in sequels, it was also altered to fit in with the tone of the film. When it was brought back in Terror of Mechagodzilla, the main title from the film was mixed with the theme song. The only two songs on the Terror of Mechagodzilla soundtrack that have the Godzilla Theme mixed with the main titles are "The Appearance of Godzilla", "Godzilla vs. The Mega-Monster Tag-Team", and the "Main Title" itself. On the Godzilla vs. Biollante and Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Soundtrack, the tracks "Begin The Attack!" and "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah" are actually the "Godzilla Theme" but they're not altered in any way. On the Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Soundtrack, the track "Godzilla's Resurrection" is a mixture of the Godzilla Theme and the Godzilla March, the second official Godzilla theme. The ending title track from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah is the "Godzilla Theme" song with mixed excerpts from the King Kong vs. Godzilla soundtrack. Keith Emerson covered the song for the Godzilla: Final Wars soundtrack, keeping the track titled as "Godzilla (Main Theme)".