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Goenawan Mohamad
Goenawan Muhammad 3.jpg
Born Goenawan Susatyo
29 July 1941
Batang, Central Java, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia)
Occupation poet, essayst, playwright, director
Organization Tempo
Notable credit(s) 'Catatan Pinggir', "Komunitas Salihara'
Spouse(s) Widarti Gunawan
Children Hidayat Jati, Paramita
Awards CPJ International Press Freedom Award (1998)
International Editor of the Year Award (1999)

Goenawan Mohamad (born 29 July 1941) is an Indonesian poet and man of letters born in Batang, Central Java.


He is the founder and editor of Tempo ("Time") magazine in Indonesia, which was twice forcibly closed by the Suharto's New Order administration because of its vocal criticism of the authoritarian regime.[1] In 1998, Mohamad was one of four winners of the CPJ International Press Freedom Awards,[2] and in 1999 the World Press Review awarded him its International Editor of the Year Award.[3] He received the Dan David Prize award in 2006.[4]

As a writer, Goenawan Mohamad was well known for his weekly column in Tempo, "Catatan Pinggir" (Sidelines), which is mainly commentary and critique on current affairs and the media 'headlines'. He expressed criticism of one-dimensional, narrow-minded viewpoints and thoughts in Sidelines, which have been compiled into six books. In Sidelines, Mohamad never ended with a definitive conclusion, but always with either questions or open-ended comments intended to encourage readers to continue thinking.[citation needed]

Mohamad was one of the founders of the Lontar Foundation and is on the advisory boards of the human rights group ARTICLE 19[citation needed] and the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict.[5]

He is an alumnus of the College of Europe 1966-1967 promotion.[6][7]


Mohamad's early writings include Potret Seorang Penyair Muda Sebagai Si Malin Kundang (The Portrait of A Young Poet as Malin Kundang) (1972) and Seks, Sastra, Kita (Sex, Literature, Us) (1980),'"Kesusastraan dan Kekuasaan' (LIterature and Power) (1993)'Setelah Revolusi Tak Ada Lagi (Once the Revolution No Longer Exists) (2001), Kata, Waktu (Word, Time) (2001), 'Eksotopi' (Exotopia) (2003), 'Tuhan dan Hal-hal Yang Tak Selesai' (God and other Unfinished Things) (2007).

For his 70th birthday several of his works are published: 'Marxisme, Seni, dan Pembebasan' (Marxism, the Arts, Emancipation) (2011), 'Indonesia/Proses' (Indonesia/Process) (2011), "Puisi dan Antipuisi' (Poetry and Antipoetry) (2011), 'Di Sekitar Sajak' (On Poems) (2011), 'Tokoh + Pokok' (Persons + Issues) (2011), 'Teks dan Iman' (Texts and Faith)(2011), 'Debu, Duka, Dst: Sebuah Pertimbangan anti-theodise' (Ash, Grief, Etc.: A consideration against theodice)' (2011), 'Ruang dan Kekuasaan' (On Space and Power)', (2011), 'Rupa' (Images), (2011). 'Pagi dan Hal-hal Yang Dipungut Kembali' (Morning and Things Retrieved) (2011).

His latest books of poetry are 'Don Quixote' (2011) and '70 Puisi' (70 Poems). His plays are published in 'Tan Malaka dan Tiga Lakon lain'.


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