Goerdeler-Gymnasium Paderborn

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Goerdelerstraße 35
33102 Paderborn
School type Public Gymnasium
Founded 1967
Principal Helga Lazar
Grades 5–13
Number of students approximate 900

The Goerdeler-Gymnasium (GG) is a public Gymnasium in Paderborn, Germany. It was named after the resistance fighter in Nazi Germany Carl Friedrich Goerdeler.


In March 1966, the city of Paderborn decided to create two public schools at the western edge of Paderborn. It would be the first coeducational Gymnasium in Paderborn. The first school day for the Start is che Neusprachliche Gymnasium für Jungen und Mädchen in Entwicklung was on September 7, 1967. Two classes of the fifth grade were taught in pavilions next to the Sankt Georg-Volksschule at the Erzbergerstraße. On September 10, 1969, the construction work for the school started at the Goerdelerstraße. During the time until the school was finished on August 16, 1971, also rooms of the Lutherschule am Abdinghof were used. At the end of 1972, the school finally received their new name, Goerdeler-Gymnasium.
In September 2007, the school celebrated their 40th anniversary.

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