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Goethe (also Göthe) is a German surname. It is best known for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832). It belongs to the group of surnames derived from given names, in this case given names in Got-, in most cases likely Gottfried (c.f. Götz). Variants of the surname include Göth, Goeth and Göthke, Götke.

The name is comparatively rare; the German phonebook (as of 2013) has 176 entries for Göthe and 168 entries for Goethe; 179 entries for Göth and 28 entries for Goeth; 11 entries for Götke and 2 entries for Göthke.[1]

List of people with the surname[edit]

Members of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's family bearing the surname:

  • his great-grandfather, Hans Christian Göthe (fl. 1650s), a blacksmith of Kannawurf, Thuringia, married Sibylla Werner
  • his grandfather Friedrich Georg Göthe (6 September 1657 – 10 November 1730), lived in Lyon but in 1685 with the suspension of the Edict of Nantes was forced to move to Frankfurt.
  • his parents, Johann Caspar Goethe (29 July 1710 – 25 May 1782) and Catharina Elisabeth Goethe, née Textor (19 February 1731 - 13 September 1808)
  • his wife (m. 1806) and former mistress Christiane von Goethe née Vulpius
  • their son August von Goethe (born out of wedlock 25 December 1789, died 28 October 1830), and his wife Ottilie von Goethe, née von Pogwisch (31 October 1796 – 26 October 1872).

Other people called Goethe, Göthe or Gothe:

People called Goeth or Göth

  • Amon Goeth (1908–1946), Austrian Nazi commandant of Kraków-Plaszow concentration camp

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