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Coordinates: 9°56′32″N 84°03′11″W / 9.94229°N 84.0531°W / 9.94229; -84.0531

Goicoechea canton in San José province

Goicoechea is the eighth canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 31.5 km2 (12.2 sq mi),[1] and has a population of 124,704.[2] The capital city of the canton is Guadalupe.

The elongated canton snakes its way through the suburban areas just north of San José Centro, climbing steadily into the Cordillera Central (Central Mountain Range) until it reaches it eastern limit between the Río Durazno (on its northern boundary) and the Río Tiribí (on the south).


The canton of Goicoechea is subdivided into these seven districts (Spanish: distritos):[3]

  1. Guadalupe
  2. San Francisco
  3. Calle Blancos
  4. Mata de Plátano
  5. Ipís
  6. Rancho Redondo
  7. Purral


The canton was established by a legislative decree of August 6, 1891.


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