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Theatrical poster
Directed byRodrigo Rodrigues
Produced byRodrigo Rodrigues
Written byRodrigo Rodrigues
Based onIndigenous folklore
Music byHebert Quinteros
CinematographyFabio Romao
JP Caldeano
Rodrigo Rodrigues
Edited byMarc de Ver
Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios
United States
United Kingdom

Goitaca (Portuguese: Goitacá) is an upcoming internationally co-produced adventure drama film directed by Rodrigo Rodrigues, shot in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.[1]


The film tells the story between two divisive indigenous tribes during a time long past in history: the Goitaca, and an unknown tribe which embarks on a journey to find new lands in order to live peacefully.[2][3]


  • Marlon Blue as Candea[4]
  • Leandro Firmino da Hora as Goitaca Chief[5]
  • Rodrigo Rodrigues as Shaman Bacuara and Jurema
  • Lady Francisco as Mother Ci and Iara—Mother of Water
  • Luciano Szafir as Maracajaguacu
  • Christianne Oliveira as Camapua
  • Macximo Bossimo as Chief Catu
  • Helder Cardozo as Shaman Abeguar
  • Betto Marque as Obita
  • Olivia Harriet as Mermaid Iara
  • Daniel Bauerfeldt as Obajara
  • Joao Alberto Tchian as The secret
  • Dinosio Correa as Apua
  • Evelyn Mayrink as Jacina
  • Fernanda Magnani as Candea's mother
  • Marcos Accogli as Iara's guardian/Wooden mermaid
  • Arthur Benatti Teixeira as The guardian of the stars
  • Bradley Rodgers as Candea Pequeno (Voice)
  • Emilio Dante as Jaguarari (Voice)
  • Sally Bosman as Iara and Mother Ci (Voice)
  • Mark Keegan as Iara's guardian (Voice)
  • Jim Cooper as The Secret (Voice)
  • Lucas Jordan as Indigenous warrior
  • Victor Vasconcelos as Candea pequeno
  • Danillo Sales as Jaguarari
  • Diogo Alves as Taquarace Pequeno
  • Yago Brasil as Taquarace
  • Victoria Vasconcelos as Camapua Pequeno
  • Pedro Malta as Chief Aimore
  • Bruna Barbosa as Indigenous waterfall


Atlantic forest in Brazil.

The film is inspired by Rodrigues's experiences during his time in the Atlantic rain forest. Rodrigues stated that the spirits of the rain forest led him to write the screenplay within three days and nights during his stay.[6]


Goitaca was filmed at Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios, Paraty, in the Atlantic region of Brazil. Five weeks were spent near Ipiabas, in the state of Rio, the department of Fazenda Sao Sebastiao, and five weeks in the Polo Audio Visual of Barra do Pirai, filming.[7][8]

Location details include:

Pre-production: United Kingdom/Brazil


  • Rodrigo Rodrigues Studios
  • Hotel Fazenda Sao Sebastiao
  • Pousada Casa Delta
  • Hospedaria Abbud & Fernandez
  • Barra do Pirai[9]

Post-production—United Kingdom/Brazil/Peru


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