Gojan-dong, Ansan

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Gojan-dong (Hangul고잔동; Hanja古棧洞) is neighbourhood of Danwon-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It is officially divided into Gojan-1-dong and Gojan-2-dong.


In the joseon dynasty, This place was Ansan Imhwameon Gojan-ri area. In 1914, the administrative district was changed to Gozan-ri, Suam-myeon, Siheung-gun. In 1986, it changed to An-san-Jung-dong. In 1988, Jungang-dong was divided into Gozan-1, Gozan-2, and Sungpo-dong. In 2003, the southern area where the population increased due to the move to Gozan New Town, Currently, the administrative district is composed of Gozan 1, Gozan 2, and Hosu Dong.[1]


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