Gokana language

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Native toNigeria
RegionRivers State
Native speakers
(100,000 cited 1989)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3gkn

Gokana (Gòkánà) is an Ogoni language spoken by some 130,000 people in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Writing system[edit]

Gokana alphabet
Uppercase letters A B D E F G Gb Gy I K Kp Ky L M N Ng Nv Ny O P S T V Z
Lowercase letters a b d e f g gb gy i k kp ky l m n ng nv ny o p s t v z

Nasal vowels are indicated by a tilde and tones are indicated by an acute or grave accent:

  • The high tone is indicated by an acute accent : á, ã́, é, ẹ́, ẽ́, í, ĩ́, ó, ọ́, ṍ, ú, ṹ, ḿ ;
  • The low tone is indicated by a grave accent : à, ã̀, è, ẹ̀, ẽ̀, ì, ĩ̀, ò, ọ̀, õ̀, ù, ũ̀, m̀ ;
  • The middle tone is indicated with no diacritic.


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