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Gokhothang, Raja (c. 1821–1872) was a powerful prince from the noble Guite family of the so-called Zomi, also known as Chins in Myanmar (Burma) and Paite in India.[1] He was known as the then leader of all Zo people as Carey and Tuck also noted him as the Yo (correct Zo people) Chief of Mwelpi (correct Mualpi).[2] According to his documentary video presentation released in 2006, he was born in Tedim-Lamzang of present Chin State (Myanmar-Burma), one of the then political centers of the Guite dynasty. He succeeded his father, his lordship Prince Mang Suum II, in 1855, and moved the capital to fortified city of Mualpi of present Tonzang township of Chin State.


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