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Coordinates: 18°55′22″N 72°49′56″E / 18.922887°N 72.832115°E / 18.922887; 72.832115 Gokul is a pub in Colaba, Mumbai. Located behind The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel next to Regal Cinema,[1] it is renowned for its cheap alcoholic beverages (mostly beer)[2] sold almost at retail value[3] (i.e. without the extra charges added to alcoholic beverages in Mumbai if they are consumed in restaurants). Because of its low prices it is popular with the students[4] of institutes in the area, achieving cult status with them.[5] However, it is also frequented by journalists, lawyers, researchers and businessmen who work in the South Mumbai area.[6]

The restaurant seating is divided into two levels - the upstairs (airconditioned) section and the downstairs (non-airconditioned). These in turn are subdivided into smoking and non-smoking. With an emphasis on functionality rather than aesthetics, the lack of decoration is reportedly part of "its charm".[7]

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