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Gokulchandra Nag (Bengali: গোকুলচন্দ্র নাগ) (1895-1925) was a Bengali writer and artist best known as one of the founding members of the Kallol literary group and circle. In 1921 along with Dineshranjan Das, Sunita Debi, and Manindralal Basu he formed the predecessor of Kallol, "The Four Arts Club".[1] He was adept at all of the four arts that the club propagated, namely, writing, painting, music, and drama. Along with his cultural practices he ran a florist's shop in New Market, Calcutta. He published stories in Jhorer Dola ("The Sway of the Storm") published in 1922. The volume was an anthology of the stories of the four founding members of the club.

In 1923, Nag and Das founded the Kallol group. The literary discussions of the group would be held at Das' house at Patuatola Lane.


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