Golconda Skate Park

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Golconda Skate Park
Fat Kid
Fat Kid Spot
Kava Vasquez performs a varial flip at Golconda Skate Park - Fat Kid Spot.jpg
TypeSkate park
LocationDowntown Brooklyn
Coordinates40°41′52″N 73°58′55″W / 40.6977°N 73.9819°W / 40.6977; -73.9819Coordinates: 40°41′52″N 73°58′55″W / 40.6977°N 73.9819°W / 40.6977; -73.9819
Area18,000 sq ft (1,700 m2)
CreatedNew York City Department of Parks and Recreation
OpenAll year
TerrainConcrete, Brick
Public transit accessNew York City Subway: "F" train"F" express train​ trains to York Street

Golconda Skate Park, known as Fat Kid, is a public skate park in the Downtown Brooklyn/Fort Greene neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York City, that originated as a DIY skate spot.[1][2] Built under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, the 18,000 square foot professionally built skate park was completed in 2016 and sits within Golconda Playground.[3][2]


Located under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, the park originated as a D.I.Y skate park known as Fat Kid or the Fat Kid spot.[4][5] In 2013, work began on a 3.7 million dollar redesign of Golconda playground which included a redesign of the old D.I.Y skate park into a public skate park that flows with the design of the entire park.[4] In 2016, the New York City Parks Department opened a remodeled Golconda Playground, including a redesigned skatepark.[4] Steve Rodriguez worked with the Parks Department and the skating community to advise the design of the skate park.[3]

Starting in early 2019, the NYC Skateboard Coalition, working with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, hosts monthly clean-ups at Golconda to mitigate the debris that build up in the park.[6] In November 2019, the Pablo Ramirez foundation joined the NYC Skateboard Coalition to co-host a clean-up and skate session in support of the foundation's Brooklyn Skate Garden project.[6] Also in November 2019, the NYC Skateboard Coalition installed a lock box for brooms and other tools to be stored in an accessible place at Golconda for park locals to clean the skatepark themselves.[6]

Fat Kid Spot original name[edit]

The DIY skate spot that became Golconda Skate Park got its original name, Fat Kid Spot, because of its low-impact obstacles, which were relatively close to the ground.[3] Hence, the obstacles were easier to do for "fatter" people.[3]

Etymology of Golconda[edit]

The name “Golconda” is a portmanteau of GOLd, CONcord and anaconDA, because the park is shaped like a snake.[3] The park sits on Gold and Concord Streets.[3]



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