Gold: Greatest Hits (Steps album)

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Gold: Greatest Hits
Steps Gold.jpg
Greatest hits album by Steps
Released 15 October 2001 (EU)
Recorded 1997-2001
Genre Pop
Length 75:08
Label Jive
Producer Pete Waterman
Steps chronology
Gold: Greatest Hits
The Last Dance
Singles from Gold: Greatest Hits
  1. "Chain Reaction"
    Released: 24 September 2001
  2. "Words Are Not Enough"
    Released: 3 December 2001
  3. "Baby Don't Dance"
    Released: Promo Only
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
NME 9/10 stars[2]
RTE Entertainment 3/5 stars[3]

Gold: Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits album released by pop group Steps. It reached #1 in the UK charts. The lead single from the album was "Chain Reaction" a cover of Diana Ross's 1980's hit, the single reached #2 in the UK charts and was the group's highest selling single since "Say You'll Be Mine/Better The Devil You Know". The second single from the album, "Words Are Not Enough", a slow ballad was released with a cover of "I Know Him So Well" from Abbamania. The single was notably Steps' first single to have an accompanying video that was almost fully animated and did not feature a dance routine like their video for "Heartbeat". The single reached #5 in the UK charts and was their lowest selling single to date. A release for "Baby Don't Dance" was planned for 2002 but was scrapped due to the group's split although promotional copies surfaced before the release of The Last Dance.[4]

Release and reception[edit]

Steps announced the release of their greatest hits album in May 2001, shortly after rumours started surfacing that the group would be splitting up after the release, these were continuously denied by the group during TV shows and interviews.

While discussing the rumours on an interview with Lisa stated "I've got to be honest when I was growing up and I had a lot of my favourite bands bring out greatest hits I thought that, that was the end and "That's their final album" and I'm sure a lot of kids think that and a lot of other people but it's not the case we've actually got lots more albums in the pipeline, we're actually song writing right now for the greatest hits and the fourth album after that, so you know we haven't actually discussed splitting up so I don't see why other people should".

Gold: Greatest hits was released on 15 October 2001 in UK and went on to reach the #1 spot two weeks later as well as selling over a million copies giving the album a certification of x4 Platinum.

The album consists of all the singles that the group released except for "You'll Be Sorry". It is notable that the single was not included on the compilation although "Here and Now" was included. Four new tracks including "Chain Reaction" were featured on the album. A song called "Only In My Dreams" was written by the five members of the group with long-time collaborator Frampton, and was the only song off the album not to be released or to be performed live.

The US version was released under the name The Best of Steps. The version of "One for Sorrow" on this album is the original mix, not the US Mix. The version features three singles that were not released in the US - "Better Best Forgotten", "Chain Reaction", and "Words Are Not Enough". This version of the album did not include all of Steps singles.


Main Article: Gold Tour

To support the release of the album the group embarked on their fifth concert tour (Gold Tour) on 24 November 2001. The tour ended on 22 December 2001 and it was revealed on the TV show Steps Reunion that H and Claire had announced their resignation to the rest of the group two hours before going on stage for the last show. Lisa and Faye stated that the concert was difficult to perform, while Lee said that he felt the concert cheated the audience.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Tragedy (Gibb, Gibb, Gibb) – 4:30 from Steptacular
  2. One for Sorrow (Topham/Twigg/Ellington) – 4:21 from Step One
  3. Stomp (Topham/Twigg/Campbell) – 3:21 from Buzz
  4. Better Best Forgotten (Radio Edit) (Frampton/Waterman) – 3:42 (UK track) from Step One
  5. Love's Got a Hold on My Heart (Frampton/Waterman) – 3:19 from Steptacular
  6. Deeper Shade of Blue (Radio Edit) (Topham/Twigg) – 3:44 from Steptacular
  7. Last Thing on My Mind (Stock/Waterman/Dallin/Woodward) – 3:04 from Step One
  8. Better the Devil You Know (Stock/Aitken/Waterman) – 3:48 (UK track) from Buzz
  9. Summer Of Love (Topham/Twigg) – 3:51 from Buzz
  10. 5,6,7,8 (Upton/Crosby) – 3:21 from Step One
  11. Chain Reaction (Gibb, Gibb, Gibb) – 3:56 from Previously unreleased
  12. Baby Don't Dance (P. Cunnah/S. Ellis) – 3:50 from Previously unreleased
  13. It's the Way You Make Me Feel (J. Elofssen) – 3:16 from Buzz
  14. After the Love Has Gone (Topham/Twigg/Ellington) – 4:34 from Steptacular
  15. Here And Now [Q-Street Mix] (A. Carlsson/A. Thomson) – 3:26 (UK track) from Buzz
  16. Say You'll Be Mine (Frampton/Waterman) – 3:31 from Steptacular
  17. Only In My Dreams (L. Evans/C. Richards/L. Scott-Lee/F. Tozer/I. Watkins/A. Frampton) – 4:16 from Previously unreleased
  18. Words Are Not Enough (P. Nylen/A. Carlsson) – 3:23 from Previously unreleased
  19. When I Said Goodbye (Topham/Twigg) – 3:32 (UK track) from Steptacular
  20. Heartbeat (Jackie James) – 4:23 (UK track) from Step One

US release[edit]

Gold: Greatest Hits was released in 2002 in the US as Best of Steps.

  1. Tragedy – 4:30
  2. One for Sorrow – 4:21
  3. Stomp – 3:21
  4. It's the Way You Make Me Feel – 3:16
  5. Love's Got a Hold on My Heart – 3:19
  6. Heartbeat – 4:23
  7. Better Best Forgotten – 3:42
  8. Say You'll Be Mine - 3:31
  9. Deeper Shade of Blue – 3:44
  10. 5,6,7,8 - 3:21
  11. Last Thing on My Mind - 3:04
  12. Chain Reaction - 3:56
  13. Words Are Not Enough - 3:23


Weekly charts[edit]

Chart (2001) Peak
Irish Albums Chart[5] 1
Japanese Albums Chart[6] 92
New Zealand RIANZ Albums Chart[7] 17
UK Albums Chart[8] 1

Year-end charts[edit]

Chart (2001) Position
UK Albums Chart[9] 6


Preceded by
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Invincible by Michael Jackson
UK number-one album
October 27, 2001 – November 3, 2001
November 17, 2001 – November 24, 2001
Succeeded by
Invincible by Michael Jackson
World of Our Own by Westlife