Gold Bar Recruiter

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In the United States armed forces, a Gold Bar Recruiter (GBR) is a newly-commissioned second lieutenant who has been ordered to active duty on permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) orders to assist the Professor of Military Science and the Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) with training and recruiting duties. This position typically begins 140 days before the BOLC B report date. A Gold Bar Recruiter adds a new perspective and energy to an ROTC battalion because of his or her recent familiarity with high school, college, and cadet life. However, if a "Gold-Bar" is in the National Guard, he/she may request extensions of their tour for up to 180 days providing their National Guard unit is willing to allow such an extension. Active duty officers may not receive such an extension, as their position at BOLC have already been reserved through their active duty units.

"Gold Bar" refers to the insignia of a second lieutenant in the United States Army: a single gold bar.