Gold Beach High School

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Gold Beach High School
29516 Ellensburg Avenue
Gold Beach, Oregon, Curry County 97444
 United States
Coordinates 42°24′31″N 124°25′17″W / 42.408544°N 124.421339°W / 42.408544; -124.421339Coordinates: 42°24′31″N 124°25′17″W / 42.408544°N 124.421339°W / 42.408544; -124.421339
Type Public
School district Central Curry School District
Principal Roy Durfy[1][2]
Grades 9-12
Number of students 212[2]
Color(s) Black, gold, and green    [1]
Athletics conference OSAA 3a-2a Sunset Hybrid[1]
Mascot Panthers[1]

Gold Beach High School is a public high school in Gold Beach, Oregon, United States.


In 2008, 100% of the school's seniors received their high school diploma. Of 67 students, 55 graduated, 9 dropped out, and 3 received a modified diploma.[3][4] The district requires all seniors to develop a senior project focusing on their career aspirations and goals. There are volunteers from the county who mentor students on these projects, over 40 volunteers donate more than 1000 hours of their time each year for such events.[5] The school employs 9 teachers. Greg Brown began teaching at GBHS in 2002, he has an Masters in Education with an emphasis in special education and is in charge of the alternative education program.[6] Math classes are taught by Gretchen Anthony. She began teaching at GBHS in 1990.[7] The school has wood shop and metal shop classes, taught by Mark Becker. Becker also teaches the senior seminar class in which students are required to complete before graduating.[8] French and Global Studies are taught by Mike Bradbury.[9] Art is taught by Jennifer Miller, a New Jersey native with a young son. She began working at GBHS in 2002.[10] Dana Newdall teaches P.E. and Health, she began teaching at GBHS in 1992.[11] The English classes are taught by Corrine McGinnis, a GBHS alumni who began teaching at GBHS full-time in 2010.[12] Kevin Swift teaches U.S. History, Civics and Current Events. He attended an all boys private high school in Dana Point, California. He began working at GBHS in 1997.[13] The current county school district website isn't regularly updated and states that Nancy Treneman is the current science teacher when in fact she retired at the end of the 2012-2013 school year, The current science teachers name is Mr.Martin[14]f


Gold Beach High School has both National Honor Society and National English Honor Society clubs. They also have a mathletes team who travels to Medford under the supervision of Mrs. Anthony. There is a French Club directed by Mr. Bradbury who goes on trips to other countries.


Gold Beach is known for its football program, previously coached by the school's athletic director Kevin Swift. Justin Storns has taken over as head coach as of the 2014/2015 season. The Gold Beach Football Team Camp has been operating since 1993, 16 years of that under the direction of Kevin Swift.[15] You can follow the progress of camp from a distance via their Twitter. The team has won some championships recently. The school also has cross country, volleyball, baseball, softball, wrestling and golf teams. The baseball team is coached by Greg Brown.[16]