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Gold Line
TypeLight rail
SystemSacramento RT Light Rail
LocaleSacramento, California
TerminiDowntown (west)
Folsom (east)
ServicesRoute 507
Daily ridership16,770 (Q2 2018)[1]
OpenedMarch 12, 1987 (as Watt/I-80-Downtown-Butterfield)
Operator(s)Sacramento Regional Transit District
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Route map

Bus interchange
Sacramento Valley Amtrak
8th & H/County Center
7th & I/County Center
8th & K
(closed 2016)
7th & Capitol
8th & Capitol
Bus interchange
8th & O
Archives Plaza
13th Street
Bus interchange
16th Street
Blue Line
Valley Rail
23rd Street
Bus interchange
29th Street
Bus interchange
39th Street
48th Street
59th Street
Bus interchange
University/65th Street
Bus interchange
Power Inn
Bus interchange
College Greens
Bus interchange
Bus interchange
Mather Field/Mills
Bus interchange
Bus interchange
Cordova Town Center
Iron Point
Historic Folsom

The Gold Line is a light rail transit line in the Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) light rail system. Operating between Sacramento Valley and Historic Folsom stations, the line runs primarily east-west in Sacramento (including downtown, Midtown, East Sacramento), portions of unincorporated Sacramento County, Rancho Cordova, Gold River and Folsom. Portions of the Gold Line run along the original initial alignment between 16th Street and Butterfield stations.


The first light rail line of the RT, which opened in 1987, was an 18.3-mile (29.5 km) route between Watt/I-80 station in North Sacramento, through downtown, and continuing east on Folsom Boulevard to Butterfield Way station. It was built at a cost of $176 million USD ($388 million adjusted for inflation), which included the cost of vehicles and maintenance and storage facilities. Much of the line, when it was first built, was single-tracked, though improvements over the 1990s allowed much of the original system to be double-tracked. The line was built mainly using the Sacramento Valley Railroad right-of-way, coupled with use of structures of an abandoned freeway project.[citation needed] A limited portion of the route runs on streets, mainly in downtown Sacramento.

The line became more popular than anyone anticipated, necessitating further expansions and improvements. Two new stations at 39th and 48th streets opened in 1995, and a 2.3-mile (3.7 km) extension to the Mather Field/Mills station was completed the same year. In June 2004, a further extension from Mather Field/Mills to Sunrise was opened.

On September 26, 2003, the South Line (now part of the Blue Line) opened for 6.3 miles (10.1 km) between the 16th Street station on the Watt/I-80-Downtown-Mather Field/Mills line and a station at Meadowview Road in the south end, which is the first phase of a planned longer 11.2-mile (18.0 km) line to Elk Grove. Much of the extension follows a railroad right-of-way. When it opened, 7 new stops were added to the system.

In June 2005, following a reconfiguration of the light rail system, the Sunrise-Downtown Line was created (it formerly continued beyond the downtown St. Rose of Lima Park station to Watt/I-80); it runs from St. Rose/K-Street to Sunrise with an extension to the Folsom area that opened on October 15, 2005. It has since been redesignated in color as the Gold Line. On December 8, 2006 it was extended even further to the downtown Amtrak depot (a.k.a. the Sacramento Valley Station), connecting the light rail system to the national rail system for the first time.

Line description[edit]

The Gold Line begins at its western terminus in downtown at the Sacramento Valley station where it connects with Amtrak. From there it travels on H Street in a single-track, then diverges into one-way tracks for 7th and 8th Streets where it joins the Blue and Green Lines. It then turns westward on O Street, southward on 12th, then eastward in an alley paralleling Q and R Streets. After passing the 16th Street station, the Gold Line splits from the Blue Line (the Green Line terminates at 13th Street station), crossing over a bridge near The Sacramento Bee headquarters, before continuing on R Street in Midtown. It continues in its own right-of-way in East Sacramento next to Highway 50, then crosses under Highway 50 and parallels Folsom Boulevard and the UPRR Placerville Branch Line, which is partly operational today, for most of its length. The Gold Line then reaches its eastern terminus at Historic Folsom station in Folsom, although some trains terminate at Sunrise station.

Listing of stations on the Gold Line[edit]

Note: former stations are highlighted in gray. The 7th & K platform of the St. Rose of Lima Park station closed permanently as of September 30, 2016.

Station Opened Bike lockers Transfers
Sacramento Valley Station 2006 No Amtrak
RT buses 30,31
7th & I/County Center (outbound only) 2007 No      Green Line
Many RT buses
8th & H/County Center (inbound only) 2012 No      Green Line
Many RT buses
8th & K (inbound only) 2006 No      Green Line
Many RT buses
St. Rose of Lima Park (southbound: 7th & K) 1987-2016 No           Blue and Green Lines
Many RT buses
Closed September 30, 2016
7th & Capitol (outbound); 8th & Capitol (inbound) 1987 No           Blue and Green Lines
Many RT buses
8th & O 1987 No           Blue and Green Lines
Many RT buses
Archives Plaza 1987 No           Blue and Green Lines
13th Street 1987 No           Blue and Green Lines
16th Street 1987 Yes      Blue Line
RT bus 6
23rd Street 1987 Yes No transfers on site
29th Street 1987 No RT buses 38, 67, 68, e-tran, El Dorado Transit, Mercy Hospital Shuttle, Sutter Hospital Shuttle
39th Street 1995 Yes RT bus 213, 214, UCDMC Shuttle
48th Street 1995 Yes No transfers on site
59th Street 1987 Yes No transfers on site
University/65th Street 1987 Yes RT buses 26, 34, 36, 38, 81, 82, 87, Amador County Transit
Power Inn 1987 Yes RT bus 61
College Greens 1987 Yes RT bus 61
Watt/Manlove 1987 Yes RT buses 72, 80, 84, 255
Starfire 1987 Yes RT buses 80, 84
Tiber 1987 Yes No bus transfers on site
Butterfield 1987 Yes e-tran 70 and Roseville Transit 51
Mather Field/Mills 1998 Yes RT buses 21, 72, 74, 75, VA Hospital Shuttle
Zinfandel 2004 No No transfers on Site
Cordova Town Center 2004 No RT bus 28
Sunrise 2004 Yes RT bus 74
Hazel 2005 No No transfers on site
Iron Point 2005 No Folsom Stage Lines
Glenn 2005 No Folsom Stage Lines
Historic Folsom 2005 No Folsom Stage Lines

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