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Gold Strike is a cinnamon liqueur containing gold snippets, produced by Lucas Bols. The company suggests it should be drunk as a shot, with the motto "Shake, Shoot and Strike".[1] It's a clear liquid that tastes like cinnamon candy.

Though the company website states the gold flakes are "24-carat",[2] some bottles indicate that the gold has various other levels of purity, such as 22 K[3] or 23.5 K.[4] The gold flakes present little health risk. A common urban legend about Gold Strike is that the gold flakes cut the throat or stomach upon ingestion, allowing the alcohol to directly enter the bloodstream for quicker intoxication.[5]

Similar products[edit]

Other alcoholic beverages that contain gold are Goldschläger and Goldwasser. Cinammon liquers include Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.


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