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The Gold Walkley is the most prestigious of the Walkley Awards for Australian journalism.[1] It is chosen by the Walkley Advisory Board from the winners of all the other categories (excluding the Journalism Leadership and Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism awards). It has been awarded annually since 1978.

List of Gold Walkley Award winners[edit]

Order Year Recipient(s) Program / Title Location / Publisher Story / Issue Reference
1. 1978 Catherine Martin The West Australian Perth The impact of asbestos–related diseases on the mining community in Wittenoom Gorge [2]
2. 1979 Ron Tandberg The Age Melbourne
3. 1980 Leslie Grant Heading ABC Hobart
4. 1981 John Lewis The Newcastle Herald Newcastle
5. 1982 Kerry O'Brien ATN Channel 7 Sydney
6. 1983 Mary Delahunty and Alan Hall Four Corners ABC TV
7. 1984 Jan Mayman The Age Melbourne (freelance)
8. 1985 Chris Masters and Bruce Belsham Four Corners ABC TV
9. 1986 Ron Tandberg The Age Melbourne
10. 1987 Phil Dickie The Courier-Mail Brisbane
11. 1988 Norman Swan Radio National ABC Radio
12. 1989 Alan Tate and Paul Bailey The Sydney Morning Herald Sydney
13. 1990 Janet Hawley The Good Weekend Fairfax Media
14. 1991 Monica Attard ABC Radio
15. 1992 Jenny Brockie ABC TV
16. 1993 Phillip Chubb and Sue Spencer ABC TV
17. 1994 Peter McEvoy Radio National ABC Radio
18. 1995 David Bentley The Courier-Mail Brisbane
19. 1996 Peter Hartcher The Australian Financial Review
20. 1997 Mary-Louise O'Callaghan The Australian The Sandline Crisis: How the PNG government hired a mercenary group in an effort to crush the Bougainville rebels
21. 1998 Pamela Williams The Australian Financial Review A plan to smash a union: The dispute involving Patricks' stevedores questioned the role of the Federal Government and the Maritime Union
22. 1999 Richard Ackland, Deborah Richards and Anne Connolly Media Watch ABC TV Cash for comment: Exposed Alan Jones, John Laws, and Radio 2UE's Cash for comment affair [3]
23. 2000 Mark Davis Dateline SBS TV Timor Intelligence: How much Australia's intelligence services knew about the violence surrounding East Timor's independence election
24. 2001 Andrew Rule The Age Melbourne Geoff Clarke: Power and rape: Allegations of sexual abuse by ATSIC chairman Geoff Clarke
25. 2002 Kate McClymont and Anne Davies The Sydney Morning Herald Sydney Bulldogs salary cap scandal: Overpayment of Bulldogs' players led to a corruption inquiry by the NRL
26. 2003 Richard Moran National Nine News Nine Network Canberra Bushfires: Filming of the firefighting process of the ACT fires, while still managing to help evacuees
27. 2004 Neil Chenoweth, Shraga Elam, Colleen Ryan,
Andrew Main, and Rosemarie Graffagnini
Australian Financial Review Rivkin's Swiss Bank Scandal: The unknown business dealings of Rene Rivkin
28. 2005 Tim Palmer ABC Aceh Tsunami and Jakarta Embassy Bomb: Extensive, innovative and courageous coverage of South Asia [4]
29. 2006 Liz Jackson, Lin Buckfield, Peter Cronau Four Corners ABC TV Stoking the Fires: Arming of a civilian militia in East Timor after the country's independence process [5][6]
30. 2007 Hedley Thomas The Australian Dr Haneef: Arrest of Gold Coast doctor Muhamed Haneef [7]
31. 2008 Ross Coulthart and Nick Farrow Sunday Nine Network Butcher of Bega: Investigation of a doctor's alleged malpractice and incompetence in Bega [8]
32. 2009 Gary Hughes The Australian The Black Saturday bushfires [9]
33. 2010 Laurie Oakes Nine News Nine Network Labor leaks during the 2010 election campaign [10]
34. 2011 Sarah Ferguson, Michael Doyle and Anne Worthington Four Corners ABC TV A Bloody Business: Cruelty inflicted on Australian cattle exported to Indonesian abattoirs [11][12]
35. 2012 Steve Pennells The West Australian Perth Coverage of Gina Rinehart's feud with her children and an asylum seeker boat tragedy [13]
36. 2013 Joanne McCarthy The Newcastle Herald Newcastle Sex abuse in the Catholic Church in the Hunter region [14]
37. 2014 Adele Ferguson, Deb Masters and Mario Christodoulou Four Corners ABC TV Banking Bad: Financial planning and advice offered by the Commonwealth Bank and other organisations [15][16][17]
38. 2015 Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Sam Clark, Max Murch Four Corners ABC TV Making a Killing: Live baiting in the Australian greyhound industry.
39. 2016 Andrew Quilty Freelance The Man on the Operating Table [18]
40. 2017 Michael Bachelard and Kate Geraghty The Age Melbourne Surviving IS: Stories of Mosul [19]
41. 2018 Hedley Thomas and Slade Gibson The Australian The Teacher's Pet (podcast) [20]
42. 2019 Anthony Dowsley and Patrick Carlyon Herald Sun Melbourne Lawyer X Informer Scandal [21]


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