Goldbach (Bode)

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Eggeröder Brunnen.JPG
One source of the Goldbach
Location Saxony-Anhalt,  Germany
Reference no. DE: 56852
Basin features
Main source east of Hartenberg fell near Elbingerode
c. 516 m above sea level (NHN)
51°47′31″N 10°49′49″E / 51.79200130°N 10.83041660°E / 51.79200130; 10.83041660Coordinates: 51°47′31″N 10°49′49″E / 51.79200130°N 10.83041660°E / 51.79200130; 10.83041660
River mouth in Wegeleben into River Bode
51°53′20″N 11°10′59″E / 51.8888389°N 11.1831861°E / 51.8888389; 11.1831861
Progression Bode → Saale → Elbe → North Sea
River system Elbe
Basin size 101 km² [1]
Physical characteristics
Length 34 km [1][2]

The Goldbach is a left tributary of the River Bode, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) long, in the Harz Mountains of Germany.


The Goldbach rises east of the uplands of Elbingerode. There are three major headwaters. The longer one, tradidionally called Teufelsbach (Devil's Beck) is defined as the upper course, hydrographically. The other one, starting from a spring called Eggeröder Brunnen, traditionally is called Klostergrundbach (Covent Dale Beck) or Goldbach. The third major headwater is the Silberborn in Silberborn Valley, passing beneath Michaelstein Abbey. Their confluence is near Mönchemühle (Monks' Mill) in Blankenburg. In spring, the headwaters of the Goldbach can become raging meltwater torrents.

The stream passes under the B 6 federal highway and is joined by some other streams. In the forelands of Harz Mountains, it passes Langenstein and flows below the Spiegelsberge hills through the southern outskirts of Halberstadt. Than it passes through the center of Harsleben and reaches Wegeleben, where it discharges into River Bode.


Numerous endangered species live in the Goldbach, such as the brown trout and small shellfish.


  • Molkegraben (right)
  • Sauteichsgraben (left)


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