Golden (Kit Downes Trio album)

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Kit Downes Golden.jpg
Studio album by Kit Downes Trio
Released 2009
Genre Jazz
Label Basho Records

Golden is the debut album[1] by the acoustic jazz Kit Downes Trio. Released September 2009 on Basho Records, it was shortlisted for the 2010 Mercury Prize.[2]


"The quality of writing and performance on this album so soon after the players' graduation demonstrates their huge potential and ensures that the album itself is one of the finest debut recordings of 2009." All About Jazz
"British pianist Kit Downes, formerly of Empirical, is beginning to get the kind of enthusiastic attention Gwilym Simcock did on his emergence a few years before. Downes is more of a choosy, patient storyteller, and if one of his distinctive original themes only requires a handful of notes and a lot of spaces, he leaves it like that.” John Fordham, The Guardian ****