Golden Arrow (film)

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For other films named "The Golden Arrow", see Golden Arrow (disambiguation).
Golden Arrow
Directed by Gordon Parry
Produced by Teddy Baird
Anatole de Grunwald
Written by Sid Colin
Paul Darcy
Anatole de Grunwald
Starring Burgess Meredith
Jean-Pierre Aumont
Paula Valenska
Music by Mischa Spoliansky
Cinematography Otto Heller
Edited by Gerald Turney-Smith
De Grunwald Productions
Distributed by Renown Pictures
United Artists (US)
Release date
31 December 1949
Running time
82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Golden Arrow is a 1949 British comedy film directed by Gordon Parry and starring Burgess Meredith, Jean-Pierre Aumont and Paula Valenska.[1] It was shot at Teddington Studios. The film was eventually released as a second feature, despite a reasonably high budget and well-known cast. It was given an American release in 1953 by United Artists.[2] It takes its title from the Golden Arrow train service.


On a journey from Paris to London, a Briton, a Frenchman and an American bond with each other and indulge in a romantic fantasy about a girl they see.



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