Golden Bridge

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Narmada Bridge, Ankleshwar, December 2012

The Golden Bridge connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch in the Gujarat state of western India. It was built in 1881 by the British, who needed a bridge across the Narmada River to create better access to trade and administration officials in Bombay (now called Mumbai).The Bridge is also called Narmada Bridge.


The British started the work to build the bridge on 7th December 1877. The bridge was built on May 16, 1881 at a cost of Rs 45.65 lakhs and it was called Narmada Bridge. Later it came to be known as the Golden Bridge on account of heavy expenditure incurred on building it. After independence, it was part of the national highway. However, flow of heavy traffic was restricted on it after a new national highway was is made up of iron.

The Golden Bridge has seen many floods and natural disasters like earthquakes, but it has stood for 132 years, providing daily transportation to the people of Ankleshwar and Bharuch. length of golden bridge 1412m Coordinates: 21°41′40″N 73°00′15″E / 21.6943777°N 73.004263°E / 21.6943777; 73.004263