Golden Bull of 1242

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Golden Bull of 1242
Zlatna bula Bele IV.gif
Created 16 November 1242
Author(s) Béla IV
Purpose Bela IV proclaimed a Free Royal Borough

The Golden Bull of 1242 was a golden bull or edict, issued by King Béla IV of Hungary to inhabitants of Gradec (part of today's Zagreb in Croatia) during Mongol invasion of Europe. By this golden bull King Bela IV proclaimed a royal free city.[1]

The Golden Bull was a very important document by which Gradec was declared and proclaimed "a free royal city on Gradec, the hill of Zagreb". It stated that the towns were subject directly to the King, not to the nobles whose estate they were situated on. The citizens were given rights of different kinds; among other things they were entitled to elect their own "city judge" (Croatian: gradski sudac) fulfilling the role of a mayor. They were also entitled to manage their own affairs.