Golden Dance Classics

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Golden Dance Classics
EP (Split) by
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Golden Dance Classics
Japanese Heavy Rock Hits

Golden Dance Classics is a split EP by Japanese artists Boris and 9dw (nine days wonder). It was released in 2009 on 12" split vinyl and CD by Catune, a record label in Tokyo, Japan.

A live version of "Tokyo Wonder Land" was released on Boris / Variations + Live in Japan, and an alternate studio mix was used on Attention Please. A studio re-recording of "Akirame Flower" is featured on the collaborative album with Merzbow, Gensho.

Track listing[edit]

1."エイの宇宙遊泳 STINGRAY"9dw6:36
2."スパイス SPICE"9dw5:39
3."トーキョーワンダーランド Tokyo Wonder Land"Boris7:04
4."あきらめの花 Akirame Flower"Boris6:08
Total length:25:24

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