Golden Dawn (band)

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This article is about the Austrian black-metal band. For other bands with similar names, see Golden Dawn (disambiguation).
Golden Dawn
Origin Austria
Genres Black metal, Extreme gothic metal
Years active 1992 – present
Members Stefan Traunmüller
Karim Kienzle
Sebastian Reiter
Moritz Neuner

Golden Dawn is an Austrian band formed by Stefan Traunmüller, originally as a one-man black metal project, in 1992. It eventually attracted the attention of two influential Austrian metallists, Ray Wells of Pazuzu and Martin Schirenc of Pungent Stench and Hollenthon, which led to a compilation appearance and eventually a recording contract with Dark Matter Records.[citation needed]

Traunmüller recorded his debut album The Art of Dreaming, while still a one-man band, but with session help from Thomas Tannenberger of Abigor and Martin Schirenc.[citation needed]

Dark Matter soon folded, however. It was not until seven years later that the band, now consisting of four members, recorded its next album, Masquerade, with Napalm Records.[citation needed]

In January 2012, the new album, Return To Provenance, was released on Non Serviam Records.[citation needed]


  • Stefan Traunmüller - vocals, keyboard
  • Karim Kienzle - guitar
  • Sebastian Reiter - guitar, bass
  • Moritz Neuner - drums


  • The Art of Dreaming (1996)
  • Masquerade (2003)
  • Return to Provenance (2012)

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