Golden Ears Provincial Park

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Golden Ears Provincial Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Golden ears summit.jpg
Golden Ears Summit
Location British Columbia, Canada
Nearest city Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Coordinates 49°28′0″N 122°27′0″W / 49.46667°N 122.45000°W / 49.46667; -122.45000Coordinates: 49°28′0″N 122°27′0″W / 49.46667°N 122.45000°W / 49.46667; -122.45000
Area 609 km²
Established 1967
Governing body BC Parks

Golden Ears Provincial Park is a Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada at 555.9 km². It is named after the prominent twin peaks which are commonly referred to as Golden Ears (Mount Blanshard) (Elevation: 1716 m or 5630 ft). The park's southern end is located on the northern edge of the district municipality of Maple Ridge on the north side of the Fraser River.

The park was originally part of Garibaldi Provincial Park (established 1927) but was split off as a separate park in 1967.[1]


The park is often used for hiking, horseback riding, camping, and boating.


There is an extensive network of hiking trails in the park ranging from short walks to strenuous backcountry trips.

Golden Ears Trail[edit]

This trail takes you to the Northern summit of the Golden Ears massif. The trail is approximately 12 km one-way from the west canyon parking lot with an elevation gain of 1500 meters. This is mostly a wilderness trail after the Alder Flats campsite, which is located a few kilometers from the parking lot. Past Alder Flats camp, there are no facilities other than an emergency shelter and a seasonal outhouse on the ridge below the peaks. There are plenty of great camping spots along the ridge, however there is no permanent source of water. Depending on the season, water can be melted from the snow fields that remain in the northern shadow of the peak. Views from the top are panoramic, overlooking the Fraser Valley to the south and surrounding peaks.

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