Golden Feelings

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Golden Feelings
Studio album by
Released1993 (Cassette)
1999 (CD)
LabelSonic Enemy
ProducerBeck Hansen
Beck chronology
Golden Feelings
A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[1]
Encyclopedia of Popular Music2/5 stars[2]

Golden Feelings is the unofficial debut studio album by American musical artist Beck, released in 1993 by Sonic Enemy. The album showcases his roots in the anti-folk scene.

Initially available only in limited quantities on cassette, Sonic Enemy remastered the album and re-released it on CD in mid-1999.[3] Beck was upset that they did so without his permission and, after he made his displeasure known, Sonic Enemy ceased to press any more copies.[4] Only 2,000 were made, causing the CD to become quite valuable.[5]

AllMusic described the album as "an extremely interesting, entertaining, and humorous document that proves that from the start Beck had his heart set on making experimentation his only gimmick."[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Beck.

1."The Fucked Up Blues"2:11
2."Special People"1:42
3."Magic Stationwagon"1:36
4."No Money No Honey"2:35
5."Trouble All My Days"2:07
6."Bad Energy"1:39
8."Heartland Feeling"7:11
9."Super Golden Black Sunchild"2:11
10."Soul Sucked Dry"1:49
12."Gettin' Home"4:14
13."Will I Be Ignored by the Lord?"1:59
14."Bogus Soul"1:15
15."Totally Confused"2:00
17."People Gettin' Busy"3:09


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