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Golden Frog
Industry Telecommunications
IT Services
Headquarters Austin, Texas, USA

Golden Frog is an online services provider. The company provides consumers and enterprises with Internet services and application software. Golden Frog also operates and manages a virtual private network (VPN) with points of presence in the United States, Europe, Asia and Brazil.[1]


Golden Frog's core team has been developing Internet applications and security software since 1994. Golden Frog was incorporated in 2010. In that same year, it launched its VyprVPN Personal VPN service commercially, after initially offering the service through its partnership with Giganews.

Golden Frog’s service offerings are based around improving end-user Internet privacy and security.

VyprVPN (Virtual Private Network) VPN is a personal VPN service that provides users a secure, encrypted connection to the Internet.[2] VyprVPN is offered in two account types: VyprVPN and VyprVPN Pro. Depending on the type of account, VyprVPN offers a number of features, including 128-bit and 256-bit encryptions, unlimited speeds, unlimited IP addresses, and PPTP, OpenVPN SSL, L2TP/IPsec protocols.[3] In late 2011, Golden Frog launched the VyprVPN application in Beta form for Windows users which allowed them to switch between VyprVPN server locations and protocol types without any manual setup.[4] In early 2013, the application graduated from Beta and the 1.0 release was officially announced for Windows users only.[5] In late 2012, mobile versions of the application became available for iOS and Android devices.[6] In early 2013, the desktop version of the application was announced for Mac OS X.[7]

Dump Truck is a secure online storage service for photos, documents, data and files. Dump Truck can be accessed via web browser or WebDAV.[8] Golden Frog offers its services through partnerships with other companies and direct sale to businesses and consumers.

VyprVPN is widely used by Giganews account members in over 200 countries. Giganews partnered with Golden Frog to deliver these services as a value-add to Giganews members. In October 2011 Giganews members were also granted early access to Golden Frog’s online storage application, Dump Truck.[9]

Golden Frog also offers a Service Provider program which allows Internet-based services such as Internet Service Providers, messaging, VoIP, wireless access, antivirus software, and Internet security software to bundle its virtual private networking product within their offerings.

Golden Frog, Inc. identifies its address as Golden Frog GmbH, Obergrubenweg 8, 6045 Meggen, Switzerland. However its job locations are all based in Austin, TX.[10]

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