Golden Gate Bridge in popular culture

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Kim Novak in the 1958 film Vertigo

As a prominent American landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge has been used in a variety of media, often shown or mentioned where San Francisco, California is the setting of the story.



Golden Gate Bridge has been destroyed in the following films.

Other appearances[edit]

It has featured also in the following movies.[1]


It has been the subject of a 2006 documentary and a 2008-2010 documentary TV series:

  • The Bridge – a film about suicides from Golden Gate Bridge in 2004.
  • Life After People - A TV documentary series about what happens to the world if humanity suddenly disappears; the Golden Gate Bridge collapses after around 100 years due to corrosion in its support cables. After 200 years, only the towers remain intact.

Video games[edit]

The bridge is replicated in the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which is itself heavily based on San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There it's known as the "Gant Bridge".

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the bridge is destroyed in the "Collapse" campaign mission after Atlas detonates it.

In Watch Dogs 2, the bridge appears in the game as it is set in the San Francisco Bay Area. In a side mission in the game, the character will paint graffiti on the Bridge.



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