Golden Globe Award for Best English-Language Foreign Film

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Golden Globe Award for Best English-Language Foreign Film was a Golden Globe award that was split from Best Foreign Film in 1957. It was discontinued in 1973.



Year English title Original title Country Director
1970 Women in Love United Kingdom Ken Russell
Act of the Heart Canada Paul Almond
Bloomfield United Kingdom Richard Harris

Uri Zohar

The Virgin and the Gypsy United Kingdom Christopher Miles
The Walking Major Aru heishi no kake Japan Keith Larsen

Koji Senno

Nobuaki Shirai

1971 Sunday Bloody Sunday United Kingdom John Schlesinger
The African Elephant United Kingdom Simon Trevor
Friends United Kingdom Lewis Gilbert
The Go-Between United Kingdom Joseph Losey
The Raging Moon United Kingdom Bryan Forbes
The Red Tent Красная палатка Italy Mikhail Kalatozov
1972 Young Winston United Kingdom Richard Attenborough
Images United Kingdom Robert Altman
Living Free United Kingdom Jack Couffer
The Ruling Class United Kingdom Peter Medak
Zee and Co. United Kingdom Brian Hutton

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