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There are three Red River Rivalry trophies given to the winner of the annual Red River Rivalry (previously Red River Shootout) which is a college football rivalry game between The University of Texas Longhorns and the University of Oklahoma Sooners. The trophies are the Golden Hat, the Red River Rivalry trophy and the Governors' trophy. The trophies reward the annual winner of one of college football's longest and most intense rivalries. 2005 marked the 100th meeting of the two football programs. The rivalry began in 1900 while Oklahoma was still a territory of the United States. In the first 100 games of the rivalry, Texas won 56 times to 39 Oklahoma victories and 5 ties.[1] The 2007 match-up between Oklahoma and Texas was predicted to be the #3 game to watch in 2007 by's "Top 20 Games To Watch In 2007" list.[2]

Golden Hat[edit]

The Golden Hat is by far the best known of the three, and the only one to be awarded on the field at the end of the game. The trophy is a gold cowboy hat mounted on a large block of wood.[1][3] According to The Daily Texan, "...[B]oth teams signed a contract to play in Dallas during the Texas State Fair, beginning with the 1929 season. The deal was for 10 years, but the tradition has carried on for three-quarters of a century. To show its gratitude, the fair donated the Golden Hat trophy, a golden replica of a 10-gallon cowboy hat, which the two teams play for every year. The Longhorns won the first Shootout, but since then the Golden Hat has crossed the Red River many times."[4] The trophy was created in 1941. When it was created it was known as the "Bronze Hat" and it was bronze in color. However, when the hat was reworked in the 1970s it came out gold, and is now known as the Golden Hat.[5] The Golden Hat trophy is kept each year by the winning team's athletic department.

Red River Rivalry trophy[edit]

Since 2003 the Red River Rivalry trophy has been exchanged between the student bodies of the two schools.[6] This trophy was developed by Alex Yaffe, former OU Student Body President, and Katie King, UT's former student body president. The trophy bears the image of the two states as well as miniature football helmets to represent both teams.

Governors' trophy[edit]

There is also a governors' trophy exchanged between the governors of the two states.[5] The governors of Texas and Oklahoma often place a bet on the game such as the losing governor having to present a side of beef to the winning state governor, who then donates the beef to charity.

NROTC trophy[edit]

Another annual tradition is the running of game balls by the schools' Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps programs.[7] Each school's NROTC program uses a relay running system to run one game ball all the way from their respective campus to Dallas. Once there, they participate against each other in a football scrimmage, with the winner taking home a rivalry trophy and bragging rights.[7] This trophy is awarded to the winner of the scrimmage, without regard to who wins the main football game. UT held the trophy from 2005-2009 until 2010 when OU ended the streak and has held onto it since.


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