Golden Hill Jewish Cemetery

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Golden Hill Cemetery
Golden Hill Cemetery - Front Gates.jpg
The front gates of Golden Hill Cemetery, Omaha, Nebraska
CountryUnited States
Coordinates41°18′18″N 95°58′29″W / 41.30500°N 95.97472°W / 41.30500; -95.97472Coordinates: 41°18′18″N 95°58′29″W / 41.30500°N 95.97472°W / 41.30500; -95.97472
Owned byBeth Israel Synagogue
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Golden Hill Cemetery is located at 5025 North 42nd Street in the North Omaha neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska.


The Chevra B'nai Israel Adas Russia purchased the land as a Jewish cemetery in 1888.[1][2][3]

The cemetery is part of the Orthodox Jewish community of Omaha. It is a small cemetery that takes up about one city block and is relatively full. A circular drive runs down the center of the cemetery.

Notable burials[edit]

Golden Hill Cemetery in Omaha, NE (English sign to left of gate)

See also[edit]

Golden Hill Cemetery in Omaha, NE (Hebrew sign to right of gate)


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