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The Cánh diều vàng ("Golden Kite Prize" or "Golden Kite Award") of the Vietnam Cinema Association are Vietnam's Oscars.They were initiated in March 2003 on the 50th anniversary of the association's establishment in 1953. It is held in March annual year to recognize the excellence of Vietnamese films produced the previous year. In the categories, there also have Silver Kte and Bronze Kite, though some years they are removed. Although it is a film award, Golden Kite Prize also awards to television and video.

Essence Golden Kite Prize is the internal award in the award system of Literary Arts Association, it includes 7 associations: photography, architecture, cinema, music, theatre, literature, and art. In order to encourage the artists' works, every year, the government provides the funds to the associations to award them. The Cinema Association awarded has made awards since 1993.

In 2003, Vietnam Cinema Association named it the Golden Kite Award, and combined with Vietnam television station, broadcast the ceremony live with the support of the business through advertising.

The Bông sen vàng Golden Lotus is a better known award, awarded by the Vietnam Film Festival.


Best feature film


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