Golden Lamp of Knowledge

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The Golden Lamp of Knowledge

The Golden Lamp of Knowledge is a trophy given to winners between quiz bowl matches between Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi. Using the Golden Egg trophy for winners of football games between the universities as a model, the trophy is passed back and forth between the schools. Since quiz bowl tournaments often have teams facing each other more than once, the trophy is only awarded once per tournament, with the team winning the most matches against the other in a tournament taking home the trophy.

Match results[edit]

Ole Miss victories are shaded ██ blue. Mississippi State victories shaded in ██ red.

Date Site Winning team Losing team Series
January 27, 2007 UTC Mississippi State 240 Ole Miss 100 MSU 1-0
April 21, 2007 MSU Mississippi State 135 Ole Miss 105 MSU 2-0
April 21, 2007 MSU Mississippi State 265 Ole Miss 115 MSU 3-0

Trophy Awardings[edit]

Date Tournament Site Trophy Winner Result
January 27, 2007 Sword Bowl UTC Mississippi State 1-0
April 21, 2007 Mississippi State Invitational MSU Mississippi State 2-0

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