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Muñoz Rivera Ave. at Milla de Oro. Buildings visible, from left to right:

1. Fine Arts Cinema Cafe
2. Popular, Inc.
3. Citigroup
4. Westernbank World Plaza
5. American International Group

La Milla de Oro (Eng. "Gold Bullion Mile") is the popular nomenclature for the traverse of Juan Ponce de León Avenue in Hato Rey across Puerto Rico's financial district, Hato Rey Norte in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The "Gold Strip" —as some bankers commonly call it— encompasses the largest complexion of institutional investment finance across the Greater and Lesser Antilles. The headquarters of Puerto Rico's largest retail investment bank —The Popular Center— is located abut 208 Juan Ponce de León Hato Rey Norte Martín Peña, in San Juan.

List of buildings at La Milla de Oro[edit]

Panorama in the vicinity of Roosevelt Avenue and Expreso Las Americas looking towards the Golden Mile.
Popular, Inc. headquarters main building at the Golden Mile.


Night view of the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum. Photo taken from the nearby Tren Urbano Station in Milla de Oro.

Milla de Oro has received criticism from nearby communities for its lonely and dark environment after work hours. In order to foster tourism and economic growth in the area, the government has planned to convert the district into a more community friendly sector by attracting tourists, visitors, and local residents to the district during after hours through concerts, retail shops, and nightspots.

The first phase of this conversion was to locate the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum and several Tren Urbano stations in the district. Banco Popular recently inaugurated a new project near its headquarters called Arts Cinemas at Popular Center for exhibiting foreign and independent films and a deli-café. New residential apartments and a 31-story high commercial complex near the Coliseum are being developed in the area as well.

Milla de Oro in popular culture[edit]

The Milla de Oro was heavily featured in the Calle 13 2010 musical video for "Calma Pueblo". The song features lead singer, Residente, singing on top of a building while businessmen and random people run around the Milla de Oro, eventually getting naked.[2][3]

The Milla de Oro was also featured in the film Fast Five during one of the heists.[4]


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