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Golden Nuggets are a breakfast cereal sold in the UK and Ireland by Cereal Partners (under the Nestlé brand). It is made mainly from cereal grains, sugar and honey, formed into large yellow crunchy balls. It has a sweet, slightly honey-like flavour.



Golden Nuggets were introduced in the 1970s in the United Kingdom and the United States, manufactured by Nabisco. They were then withdrawn from the UK market in the late 1970s.

However, they were brought back to the UK in 1999 with a £1 million advertising campaign, perhaps in response to demand from people who had enjoyed them in the 1970s and now had their own children.[citation needed]


The packaging features various cartoon characters (drawn by Gary Dunn): Klondike Pete (a gold prospector who mines Golden Nuggets), his mule Pardner, his enemies; two claim-jumpers named Plum Loco Louie and Boot Hill Bob (jointly "The Breakfast Bandits"), and a Golden Nuggets Bee.[1]. The box also sometimes features puzzles suited to the 7–12-year-old range.

The cereal is marketed with the slogan "They taste Yeee-Haa!"[1] (Previously "They're honey-crunchin' good!").

In 2002, as part of Nestlé's Lilo & Stitch promotion, chocolate-flavoured nuggets were mixed in with the Golden Nuggets (according to Klondike Pete in the ads during this time, this was Stitch's plan, saying that "That rascal Stitch WILL STEAL all THE Golden Nuggets chocolateys!")


Cheaper imitations of Golden Nuggets are made by other manufacturers, under names such as 'Golden Balls' and 'Multigrain Boulders'.


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