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Golden Pages
ProductsTelephone directory of businesses
Golden Pages building in Ramat Gan, Israel

Golden Pages is a company which publishes a telephone directory of businesses categorized according to product or service. Business listings are printed on yellow paper as opposed to white paper for non-commercial and private phone numbers.

Golden Pages is published in Belgium, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Romania. The publishing companies in these countries are not necessarily related.


Golden Pages Israel (Hebrew: דפי זהב‎, Dapei Zahav) was founded by Morris Kahn in 1968, distributing three directories in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. In 2007, the company was sold by Markstone Capital to Australian firm Babcock & Brown, who purchased 100% of the company.[1][2] The company's CEO is Nir Lampert. The largest competitor is Bezeq, which launched a rival internet service in July 2008. The directory lists 250,000 businesses.

The slogan of the company "תן לאצבעות ללכת במקומך" (Ten LeEtzba'ot Lelekhet BeMkomkha), parallel to the English "let your fingers do the walking" has become an idiom in Hebrew, and means to do the work with your phone or computer instead of running around.[3]

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