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Golden Pharaoh is a fictional character created exclusively for the Kenner Super Powers Collection line of action figures. His only comic book appearance is in the third Super Powers series (four issues, 1986).

A second action figure of Golden Pharaoh was released in 2010 as part of Mattel's DC Universe Classics series, Wave 15, Figure 1. The character bio on the 2010 package incorrectly lists his first appearance as Adventure Comics #61 (1941)/Zero Hour #1 (1994). This appears to be a cut and paste error as those issues refer to the first appearances of the Ted Knight and Jack Knight Starman characters, which are the standard and variant versions of Figure 6 in that same series.

Fictional character biography[edit]

According to the back of his 2010 Mattel DC Universe Classics toy package, Ashley Halberstam is a British Egyptologist. While on an expedition in Giza, he was struck by a bolt of energy emanating from the New Gods. This bolt of energy awakened his latent superpowers. Calling himself Golden Pharaoh, he became a superhero.

Action figure in comics[edit]

In Green Lantern (vol. 3) #89 (August 1997), various action figures of the Super Powers Collection appear in Kyle Rayner's Bedroom. Among them are Golden Pharaoh, Samurai and Brainiac.

Powers and abilities[edit]

The DC Universe Classics package lists his powers as being "the power of the pyramids", the ability to generate energy blasts through his mystical staff, and glider wings that enable flight.

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