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Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture
Awarded forWorst feature film
CountryUnited States
Presented byGolden Raspberry Award Foundation
First awarded1981 (to Can't Stop the Music)
Currently held byDiana the Musical (2021)

The Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture is an award given out at the annual Golden Raspberry Awards to the worst film of the past year. Over the 39 ceremonies that have taken place, there have been 202 films nominated for Worst Picture and 42 winners including three ties.

Following is a list of nominees and recipients of that award, including each film's distribution company and producer(s).

Winners and nominees[edit]


1st Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Can't Stop the Music Associated Film Distribution Allan Carr
Cruising Lorimar Productions, United Artists Jerry Weintraub
The Formula MGM, United Artists Steve Shagan
Friday the 13th Paramount Pictures Sean S. Cunningham
The Nude Bomb Universal Studios Jennings Lang
The Jazz Singer Associated Film Distribution Jerry Leider
Raise the Titanic William Frye
Saturn 3 Stanley Donen
Windows United Artists Mike Lobell
Xanadu Universal Studios Lawrence Gordon
2nd Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Mommie Dearest Paramount Pictures Frank Yablans
Endless Love Universal Studios, PolyGram Dyson Lovell
Heaven's Gate United Artists Joann Carelli
The Legend of the Lone Ranger Universal Studios, Associated Film Distribution Walter Coblenz
Tarzan, the Ape Man MGM, United Artists John Derek
3rd Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Inchon MGM Mitsuharu Ishii
Annie Columbia Pictures Ray Stark
Butterfly Analysis Film Releasing Matt Cimber
Megaforce 20th Century Fox Albert S. Ruddy
The Pirate Movie David Joseph
4th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Lonely Lady Universal Studios Robert R. Weston
Hercules MGM, United Artists, Cannon Films Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan
Jaws 3-D Universal Studios Rupert Hitzig
Stroker Ace Warner Bros., Universal Studios Hank Moonjean
Two of a Kind 20th Century Fox Roger M. Rothstein, Joe Wizan
5th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Bolero Cannon Films Bo Derek
Cannonball Run II Warner Bros. Albert S. Ruddy
Rhinestone 20th Century Fox Marvin Worth, Howard Smith
Sheena Columbia Pictures Paul Aratow
Where the Boys Are '84 TriStar Pictures Allan Carr
6th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Rambo: First Blood Part II TriStar Pictures, Carolco Pictures Buzz Feitshans
Fever Pitch MGM, United Artists Freddie Fields
Revolution Warner Bros. Irwin Winkler
Rocky IV MGM, United Artists Irwin Winkler, Robert Chartoff
Year of the Dragon Dino De Laurentiis
7th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Howard the Duck Universal Studios Gloria Katz
Under the Cherry Moon Warner Bros. Bob Cavallo, Joe Ruffalo, Steve Fargnoli
Blue City Paramount Pictures William L. Hayward, Walter Hill
Cobra Warner Bros., Cannon Films Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan
Shanghai Surprise MGM John Kohn
8th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Leonard Part 6 Columbia Pictures Bill Cosby
Ishtar Columbia Pictures Warren Beatty
Jaws: The Revenge Universal Studios Joseph Sargent
Tough Guys Don't Dance Cannon Films Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan
Who's That Girl Warner Bros. Rosilyn Heller, Bernard Williams
9th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Cocktail Touchstone Pictures Ted Field, Robert W. Cort
Caddyshack II Warner Bros. Neil Canton, Jon Peters, Peter Guber
Hot to Trot Steve Tisch
Mac and Me Orion Pictures R. J. Louis
Rambo III TriStar Pictures, Carolco Pictures Buzz Feitshans
10th Golden Raspberry Awards
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Paramount Pictures Harve Bennett
The Karate Kid Part III Columbia Pictures Jerry Weintraub
Lock Up TriStar Pictures, Carolco Pictures Charles Gordon, Lawrence Gordon
Road House United Artists Joel Silver
Speed Zone Orion Pictures Murray Shostack


11th Golden Raspberry Awards[1]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane 20th Century Fox Steven Perry, Joel Silver
Ghosts Can't Do It Triumph Releasing Bo Derek
The Bonfire of the Vanities Warner Bros. Brian De Palma
Graffiti Bridge Randy Phillips, Craig Rice
Rocky V United Artists Irwin Winkler, Robert Chartoff
12th Golden Raspberry Awards[2]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Hudson Hawk TriStar Pictures Joel Silver
Cool as Ice Universal Studios Carolyn Pfeiffer, Lionel Wingram
Dice Rules Seven Arts Productions Loucas George
Nothing but Trouble Warner Bros. Lester Berman, Robert K. Weiss
Return to the Blue Lagoon Columbia Pictures William A. Graham
13th Golden Raspberry Awards[3]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Shining Through 20th Century Fox Carol Baum, Howard Rosenman
The Bodyguard Warner Bros. Kevin Costner, Lawrence Kasdan, Jim Wilson
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Alexander Salkind, Ilya Salkind
Final Analysis Paul Junger Witt, Charles Roven, Tony Thomas
Newsies Walt Disney Pictures Michael Finnell
14th Golden Raspberry Awards[4]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Indecent Proposal Paramount Pictures Sherry Lansing
Body of Evidence MGM, United Artists Dino De Laurentiis
Cliffhanger TriStar Pictures, Carolco Pictures Renny Harlin, Alan Marshall
Last Action Hero Columbia Pictures John McTiernan, Stephen J. Roth
Sliver Paramount Pictures Robert Evans
15th Golden Raspberry Awards[5]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Color of Night Hollywood Pictures Buzz Feitshans, David Matalon
North Columbia Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment Rob Reiner, Alan Zweibel
On Deadly Ground Warner Bros. A. Kitman Ho, Julius R. Nasso, Steven Seagal
The Specialist Jerry Weintraub
Wyatt Earp Kevin Costner, Lawrence Kasdan, Jim Wilson
16th Golden Raspberry Awards[6]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Showgirls MGM, United Artists Charles Evans, Alan Marshall
Congo Paramount Pictures Kathleen Kennedy, Sam Mercer
It's Pat Touchstone Pictures Charles B. Wessler
The Scarlet Letter Hollywood Pictures Roland Joffé, Andrew G. Vajna
Waterworld Universal Studios Kevin Costner, John Davis, Charles Gordon, Lawrence Gordon
17th Golden Raspberry Awards[7]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Striptease Columbia Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment Andrew Bergman, Mike Lobell
Barb Wire PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, Gramercy Pictures Todd Moyer, Mike Richardson, Brad Wyman
Ed Universal Studios Rosalie Swedlin
The Island of Dr. Moreau New Line Cinema Edward R. Pressman
The Stupids New Line Cinema, Savoy Pictures Leslie Belzberg
18th Golden Raspberry Awards[8]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Postman Warner Bros. Kevin Costner, Steve Tisch, Jim Wilson
Anaconda Columbia Pictures Verna Harrah, Carole Little, Leonard Rabinowitz
Batman & Robin Warner Bros. Peter MacGregor-Scott
Fire Down Below Julius R. Nasso, Steven Seagal
Speed 2: Cruise Control 20th Century Fox Jan de Bont, Steve Perry, Michael Peyser
19th Golden Raspberry Awards[9]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn Hollywood Pictures Ben Myron, Joe Eszterhas
Armageddon Touchstone Pictures Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer
The Avengers Warner Bros. Jerry Weintraub
Godzilla TriStar Pictures Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin
Spice World Columbia Pictures Uri Fruchtmann, Mark L. Rosen, Barnaby Thompson
20th Golden Raspberry Awards[10]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Wild Wild West Warner Bros. Jon Peters, Barry Sonnenfeld
Big Daddy Columbia Pictures Sidney Ganis, Jack Giarraputo
The Blair Witch Project Artisan Entertainment Robin Cowie, Gregg Hale
The Haunting DreamWorks Susan Arthur, Donna Roth, Colin Wilson
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 20th Century Fox Rick McCallum, George Lucas


21st Golden Raspberry Awards[11]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Battlefield Earth Warner Bros., Franchise Pictures Jonathan D. Krane, Elie Samaha, John Travolta
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Artisan Entertainment Bill Carraro
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas Universal Studios Bruce Cohen
Little Nicky New Line Cinema Jack Giarraputo, Robert Simonds
The Next Best Thing Paramount Pictures Leslie Dixon, Linne Radmin, Tom Rosenberg
22nd Golden Raspberry Awards[12]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Freddy Got Fingered 20th Century Fox Larry Brezner, Howard Lapides, Lauren Lloyd
Driven Warner Bros., Franchise Pictures Renny Harlin, Elie Samaha, Sylvester Stallone
Glitter 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures Laurence Mark, E. Bennett Walsh
Pearl Harbor Touchstone Pictures Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer
3000 Miles to Graceland Warner Bros., Franchise Pictures Demian Lichtenstein, Eric Manes, Elie Samaha, Richard Spero, Andrew Stevens
23rd Golden Raspberry Awards[13]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Swept Away Screen Gems Matthew Vaughn
The Adventures of Pluto Nash Warner Bros. Martin Bregman, Michael Scott Bregman, Louis A. Stroller
Crossroads Paramount Pictures Ann Carli
Pinocchio Miramax Films Gianluigi Braschi, Nicoletta Braschi, Elda Ferri
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones 20th Century Fox Rick McCallum, George Lucas
24th Golden Raspberry Awards[14]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Gigli Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios Martin Brest and Casey Silver
The Cat in the Hat Universal Studios, DreamWorks Brian Grazer
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Columbia Pictures Drew Barrymore, Leonard Goldberg, Nancy Juvonen
From Justin to Kelly 20th Century Fox John Steven Agoglia
The Real Cancun New Line Cinema Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray, Jamie Schutz, Rick de Oliveira
25th Golden Raspberry Awards[15]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Catwoman Warner Bros. Denise Di Novi, Edward McDonnell
Alexander Warner Bros. Moritz Borman, Jon Kilik, Thomas Schuhly, Iain Smith
Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 Triumph Films Steven Paul
Surviving Christmas DreamWorks Betty Thomas, Jenno Topping
White Chicks Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios Rick Alvarez, Lee R. Mayes, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans
26th Golden Raspberry Awards[16]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Dirty Love First Look Pictures John Mallory Asher, BJ Davis, Rod Hamilton, Kimberley Kates, Michael Manasseri, Jenny McCarthy, Trent Walford
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Columbia Pictures Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider
The Dukes of Hazzard Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Bill Gerber
House of Wax Susan Levin, Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis
Son of the Mask New Line Cinema Erica Huggins, Scott Kroopf
27th Golden Raspberry Awards[17]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Basic Instinct 2 MGM, C2 Pictures Mario Kassar, Joel B. Michaels, Andrew G. Vajna
BloodRayne Romar Entertainment Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke, Wolfgang Herrold
Lady in the Water Warner Bros. Sam Mercer, Jose L. Rodriguez, M. Night Shyamalan
Little Man Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios Rick Alvares, Lee Mays, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans
The Wicker Man Warner Bros. Nicolas Cage, Randall Emmett, Norm Golightly, Avi Lerner, Joanne Sellar
28th Golden Raspberry Awards[18]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
I Know Who Killed Me TriStar Pictures David Grace, Frank Mancuso Jr.
Bratz Lionsgate Avi Arad, Isaac Larian, Steven Paul
Daddy Day Camp TriStar Pictures, Revolution Studios William Sherak, Jason Shuman
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry Universal Studios Adam Sandler, Tom Shadyac
Norbit DreamWorks John Davis, Eddie Murphy, Michael Tollin
29th Golden Raspberry Awards[19]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Love Guru Paramount Pictures Gary Barber, Michael DeLuca, Mike Myers
Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox Jason Friedberg, Peter Safran, Aaron Seltzer
The Happening 20th Century Fox Barry Mendel, Sam Mercer, M. Night Shyamalan
The Hottie & the Nottie Regent Releasing Hadeel Reda
In the Name of the King Boll KG, Brightlight Pictures Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke, Wolfgang Herrold, Shawn Williamson
30th Golden Raspberry Awards[20]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Hasbro Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce, Tom DeSanto, Don Murphy
All About Steve 20th Century Fox Sandra Bullock. Mary McLaglen
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Paramount Pictures, Hasbro Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Bob Ducsay, Brian Goldner
Land of the Lost Universal Studios Sid and Marty Krofft, Jimmy Miller
Old Dogs Walt Disney Pictures Peter Abrams, Robert Levy, Andrew Panay


31st Golden Raspberry Awards[21]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Last Airbender Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Sam Mercer and M. Night Shyamalan
The Bounty Hunter Columbia Pictures Neal H. Moritz
Sex and the City 2 New Line Cinema, HBO Films, Village Roadshow Pictures Michael Patrick King, John Melfi, Sarah Jessica Parker and Darren Star
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Summit Entertainment Wyck Godfrey and Karen Rosenfelt
Vampires Suck 20th Century Fox Jason Friedberg, Peter Safran and Aaron Seltzer
32nd Golden Raspberry Awards[22]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Jack and Jill Columbia Pictures Todd Garner, Jack Giarraputo and Adam Sandler
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star Columbia Pictures Barry Bernardi, Allen Covert, David Dorfman and Jack Giarraputo
New Year's Eve Warner Bros., New Line Cinema Mike Karz, Garry Marshall and Wayne Allan Rice
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Paramount Pictures Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce, Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Summit Entertainment Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer, Karen Rosenfelt
33rd Golden Raspberry Awards[23]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Summit Entertainment Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer, Karen Rosenfelt
Battleship Universal Studios Sarah Aubrey, Peter Berg, Brian Goldner, Duncan Henderson, Bennett Schneir, Scott Stuber
The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Lionsgate, Romar Entertainment, Kenn Viselman Presents Gayle Dickie, Kenn Viselman
That's My Boy Columbia Pictures Allen Covert, Jack Giarraputo, Heather Parry, Adam Sandler
A Thousand Words DreamWorks Nicolas Cage, Alain Chabat, Stephanie Danan, Norman Golightly, Brian Robbins, Sharla Sumpter Bridgett
34th Golden Raspberry Awards[24]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Movie 43 Relativity Media Peter Farrelly, Ryan Kavanaugh, John Penotti, Charles B. Wessler
After Earth Columbia Pictures James Lassiter, Caleeb Pinkett, Jada Pinkett Smith, M. Night Shyamalan, Will Smith, Jaden Smith
Grown Ups 2 Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler
The Lone Ranger Walt Disney Pictures Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski
A Madea Christmas Lionsgate Ozzie Areu, Matt Moore, Tyler Perry
35th Golden Raspberry Awards[25]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Saving Christmas Samuel Goldwyn Films Darren Doane, Raphi Henley, Amanda Rosser, David Shannon
Left Behind Freestyle Releasing, Entertainment One Michael Walker, Paul LaLonde
The Legend of Hercules Summit Entertainment Boaz Davidson, Renny Harlin, Danny Lerner, Les Weldon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, Platinum Dunes Michael Bay, Ian Bryce, Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller, Scott Mednick and Galen Walker
Transformers: Age of Extinction Paramount Pictures Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce, Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy
36th Golden Raspberry Awards[26]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Fantastic Four 20th Century Fox Simon Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn, Hutch Parker, Robert Kulzer and Gregory Goodman
Fifty Shades of Grey Universal Pictures, Focus Features Michael De Luca, Dana Brunetti, E. L. James
Jupiter Ascending Warner Bros. Grant Hill and The Wachowskis
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 Columbia Pictures Todd Garner, Kevin James, Adam Sandler
Pixels Adam Sandler, Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe, Allen Covert
37th Golden Raspberry Awards[27]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party Quality Flix Gerald R. Molen
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Warner Bros. Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder
Dirty Grandpa Lionsgate Bill Block, Michael Simkin, Jason Barrett, Barry Josephson
Gods of Egypt Summit Entertainment Basil Iwanyk, Alex Proyas
Independence Day: Resurgence 20th Century Fox Dean Devlin, Harald Kloser, Roland Emmerich
Zoolander 2 Paramount Pictures Stuart Cornfeld, Scott Rudin, Ben Stiller, Clayton Townsend
38th Golden Raspberry Awards[28]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
The Emoji Movie Columbia Pictures Michelle Raimo Kouyate
Baywatch Paramount Pictures Ivan Reitman, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Gregory J. Bonann, Beau Flynn
Fifty Shades Darker Universal Pictures Michael De Luca, E. L. James, Dana Brunetti, Marcus Viscidi
The Mummy Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan, Sean Daniel, Sarah Bradshaw
Transformers: The Last Knight Paramount Pictures Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce
39th Golden Raspberry Awards[29]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Holmes & Watson Columbia Pictures Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jimmy Miller, Clayton Townsend
Gotti Vertical Entertainment Randall Emmett, Marc Fiore, Michael Froch, George Furla
The Happytime Murders STX Entertainment Ben Falcone, Jeffrey Hayes, Brian Henson, Melissa McCarthy
Robin Hood Summit Entertainment Jennifer Davisson, Leonardo DiCaprio
Winchester Lionsgate Tim McGahan, Brett Tomberlin
40th Golden Raspberry Awards[30]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Cats Universal Pictures Debra Hayward, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Tom Hooper
The Fanatic Quiver Distribution Bill Kenwright
The Haunting of Sharon Tate Saban Films Lucas Jarach, Daniel Farrands, Eric Brenner
A Madea Family Funeral Lionsgate Ozzie Areu, Will Areu, Mark E. Swinton
Rambo: Last Blood Avi Lerner, Kevin King Templeton, Yariv Lerner, Les Weldon


41st Golden Raspberry Awards[31]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Absolute Proof One America News Network Mary Fanning, Brannon Howse, Mike Lindell
365 Days Ekipa Maciej Kawulski, Ewa Lewandowska, Tomasz Mandes
Dolittle Universal Pictures Susan Downey, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Joe Roth
Fantasy Island Columbia Pictures Jason Blum, Marc Toberoff, Jeff Wadlow
Music Vertical Entertainment, Landay Entertainment Vincent Landy, Sia
42nd Golden Raspberry Awards[32]
Film Production company(s) Producer(s)
Diana the Musical Netflix David Bryan, Joe DiPietro, Frank Marshall
Infinite Paramount+, Paramount Pictures Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Mark Huffam, Stephen Levinson, Mark Vahradian, Mark Wahlberg, John Zaozirny
Karen Quiver Distribution Mary Aloe, Sevier Crespo, "Coke" Daniels, Cory Hardrict, Taryn Manning
Space Jam: A New Legacy Warner Bros. Maverick Carter, Ryan Coogler, Duncan Henderson, LeBron James
The Woman in the Window Netflix, 20th Century Studios Eli Bush, Anthony Katagas, Scott Rudin

Studios with multiple nominations and awards[edit]

Studios with multiple nominations and awards
Nominations Wins Distributor
1 0 Analysis Film Distribution
2 0 Artisan Entertainment
4 1 Associated Film Distribution
2 0 Boll KG
2 0 Brightlight Pictures
1 1 C2 Pictures
3 0 Cannon Films
4 1 Carolco Pictures
2 1 Castle Rock Entertainment
27 6 Columbia Pictures
6 1 DreamWorks
1 0 Ekipa
1 0 Entertainment One
1 1 First Look Pictures
1 1 Focus Features
1 0 Freestyle Releasing
1 0 Gramercy Pictures
1 0 HBO Films
3 2 Hollywood Pictures
1 0 Landay Entertainment
8 0 Lionsgate
1 0 Lorimar Productions
11 3 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
1 0 Miramax Films
2 1 Netflix
7 0 New Line Cinema
2 1 Nickelodeon Movies
1 1 One America News Network
2 0 Orion Pictures
21 6 Paramount Pictures
1 0 Paramount+
1 0 Platinum Dunes
2 0 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
1 1 Quality Flix
2 0 Quiver Distribution
1 0 Regent Releasing
4 1 Revolution Studios
2 0 Romar Entertainment
1 0 Saban Films
1 0 Savoy Pictures
1 1 Screen Gems
1 0 Seven Arts Productions
1 0 STX Entertainment
6 1 Summit Entertainment
4 1 Touchstone Pictures
9 3 TriStar Pictures
2 1 Triumph Releasing
18 4 20th Century Fox
1 0 20th Century Studios
13 1 United Artists
22 4 Universal Pictures
2 0 Vertical Entertainment
2 0 Village Roadshow Pictures
3 0 Walt Disney Pictures
35 5 Warner Bros.

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