Golden Triangle (Cheshire)

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Coordinates: 53°18′47″N 2°15′36″W / 53.313°N 2.260°W / 53.313; -2.260

The "Cheshire Golden Triangle"
Knutsford is considered one of the points of the triangle.

The Golden Triangle is an area of affluent, leafy towns and villages in Cheshire such as Wilmslow, Mottram St. Andrew and Alderley Edge. The three points of the triangle are subject of local debate, but are generally considered to be Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Prestbury. The area is noted for its expensive houses, pleasant countryside, famous footballers, celebrities and entrepreneurs.[1]

Five of the ten most expensive roads in the North West have been indicated in this area [2] with Withinlee Road in Prestbury said to be the most expensive street in Northern England - with prices on average over £1.5 million.[3]

The area and its rich businessmen were fictionalised in the drama series, Goldplated.[4] Much of the action in Howard Jacobson's novel "Shylock Is My Name" also takes place within the Golden Triangle.

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