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Golden Voice Oy was a Finnish dubbing company that operated during the late 80s and dubbed several cartoons that were released on VHS. Their works have at various times been released by Octagon Invest, Sesam Video, Backlund & Co and Future Films. Golden Voice dubbed a large amount of both American and Japanese cartoons (anime) and though the level of their translation efforts were remarkably good the actual acting in their dubs has been heavily criticized.

Amongst collectors the classic Golden Voice cast (sometimes referred to as the Hopeanuoli-cast after their most famous work) has received something of a vintage quality, more so than their follower Agapio Racing Team.


The following voice-actors appeared in all or most of the cartoons dubbed by Golden Voice

  • Pertti Nieminen
  • Ulla Ollikainen
  • Ilkka Moisio
  • Erkki Murto
  • Seppo Hietanen
  • Päivi Sorsa
  • Leena Margit Rautiainen
  • Anna-Liisa Rikman
  • Erkki Ollila

Dubbed cartoons[edit]

The later My Little Pony VHS-releases, under Future Films, were redubbed by Agapio Racing Team.


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