Golden Wings and Other Stories

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Golden Wings and Other Stories
Golden Wings and Other Stories.jpg
First edition of Golden Wings and Other Stories by William Morris, Newcastle Publishing Company, 1976
Author William Morris
Country United States
Language English
Series Newcastle Forgotten Fantasy Library
Genre fantasy short stories
Publisher Newcastle Publishing Company
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages xvi, 169 pp
ISBN 0-87877-107-7

Golden Wings and Other Stories is a collection of fantasy short stories by William Morris, first published in trade paperback by the Newcastle Publishing Company in March 1976 as the eighth volume of the celebrated Newcastle Forgotten Fantasy Library. The first hardcover edition was published by Borgo Press in 1980. The stories were originally published in The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine in 1856. More recently the stories have been combined with Morris's other contributions to the magazine, including reviews, essays and poems, to form the expanded collection The Hollow Land and Other Contributions to the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, published by Forgotten Books in June, 2010.

The book contains short works of fiction by the author, together with an introduction by Alfred Noyes and an afterword by Richard B. Mathews.


  • "Introduction" (Alfred Noyes)
  • "The Story of the Unknown Church"
  • "Lindenborg Pool"
  • "A Dream"
  • "Gertha's Lovers"
  • "Svend and His Brethren"
  • "The Hollow Land"
  • "Golden Wings"
  • "Frank's Sealed Letter"
  • "Afterword" (Richard B. Mathews)