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The Goldene Kamera
Not to be confused with Caméra d'Or.

The Goldene Kamera (en: Golden Camera) is an annual German film and television award, awarded by the television magazine HÖRZU. The gold-plated silver award model was created by Berlin artist Wolfram Beck. It is 25 centimeters (approximately 10 inches) high and weighs around 900 grams.[1]

The award was first presented in 1966 as a strictly German television award.[2] Since 1987, it has also been awarded to international stars. In 1995, the categories expanded to more public interests, such as pop groups and organizations, for example Greenpeace.[citation needed] The award show (Verleihung der Goldenen Kamera) is usually held in early February in Berlin, but has also taken place in Hamburg five times, and once in Dortmund.[citation needed]

Awards categories[edit]

The official name of the award for the Best Newcomer Actor/Actress is Lilli-Palmer-und-Curd-Jürgens-Gedächtniskamera (en: Lilli Palmer and Curd Jürgens Memorial Camera). Only this category involves a prize money of 20,000 euros.[citation needed]


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