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Goldeneye may refer to:

Ian Fleming's life and fiction[edit]

  • Operation Goldeneye, a World War II operation developed by James Bond author Ian Fleming
  • Goldeneye (estate), Ian Fleming's Jamaican estate; currently an all-inclusive hotel
  • Goldeneye Hotel and Resort, based at Fleming's Jamaican estate
  • GoldenEye (1995), a James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan, in which the GoldenEye is a satellite weapon.
    • "GoldenEye (song)", a song performed by Tina Turner for the 1995 film
    • "The Juvenile", a song written by Jonas "Joker" Berggren from Ace of Base, renamed from "GoldenEye" after the song was cut from the film's soundtrack

Games based upon the film[edit]

Other fiction[edit]

  • The Golden Eye, a 1948 mystery film starring Roland Winters as Charlie Chan


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