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Goldie is the second boat of the Cambridge University Boat Club, which competes in an annual rowing race against Isis (the second boat of the Oxford University Boat Club) on Boat Race Day each year. The boat is named in tribute to CUBC's legendary President John Goldie who also gave his name to the Goldie Boathouse. The first official race between the two crews was in 1965, which Isis won. Since the race started Goldie has won 31 races, and Isis 24 races.

Coaching staff[edit]

The members of the Goldie boat are coached throughout the season by the coaching staff of the Cambridge University Boat Club. Their most notable coach in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries has been Donald Legget who has been involved in the coaching setup for over 50 years. Other notable coaches include Ian Dryden, Rob Baker, Harry Mahon, Mark Hall, Robin Williams, Tim McLaren, Duncan Holland, Chris Nilsson, Edouard Blanc, Mark Beer, Edmund Green, and Richard Chambers.

Recent crew lists and results[edit]


Year Win Crew
1998 (L) Bow P Trueman, 2 R P Stokes, 3 K M West, 4 R A Ehlers, 5 C J Page, 6 S H O F Korbei, 7 T H R Brun, Stroke D J Cassidy, Cox S K Ellis. Spare Pair: .
1999 (W) Bow R P Cantwell, 2 S M Cashin, 3 C J C Swainson, 4 C J Hobcroft, 5 C H Vickers, 6 R J Gaughan, 7 D J Tweedie, Stroke R P Stokes, Cox G J Glassman. Spare Pair: D J McSherry, B S J Cummings.
2000 (L) Bow D J McSherry, 2 B S J Cummings, 3 C J C Swainson, 4 C J Hobcroft, 5 J A Livingston, 6 L P Hirst, 7 C H Vickers, Stroke R X K McElroy, Cox M R Snowball. Spare Pair: T H R Brun, S M Cashin.
2001 (W) Cox Hannah Oag, Stroke Charlie Ford, 7 James Livingston, 6 Ben Clare, 5 Alex McGarel-Groves, 4 Tom Lawton, 3 Neil Holzapfel, 2 Richard McElroy, Bow Benjamin Franklin Stapleton IV, Spare Pair: Paul Adams, Oli Stewart
2002 (L) Cox Steph Richards, Stroke Ewan Robson, 7 Colin Swainson, 6 Sammy McElroy, 5 Alex McGarel-Groves, 4 Ben Clare, 3 Andrew Smith, 2 Piers Curle, Bow Jon Alexander.
2003 (W) Cox Eleanor Griggs, Stroke Nathaniel Kirk, 7 Andrew Shannon, 6 Steffen Buschbacher, 5 Christopher le Neve Foster, 4 Daniel Barry, 3 Andrew Smith, 2 Ewan Robson, Bow Jonathan Alexander.
2004 (L) Cox Stephen Cheng, Stroke Richard Sykes-Popham, 7 Kyle Coveny, 6 Oliver De Groot, 5 Edward Sherwood, 4 Jonathon Davies, 3 James Orme, 2 Colin Scott, Bow James Local.
2005 (W) Cox Russell Glenn, Stroke Volker Utesch, 7 Andrew Shannon, 6 Oliver De Groot, 5 James Orme, 4 Eamonn Joyce, 3 Kyle Coveny, 2 Colin Scott, Bow Edward Sherwood.
2006 (W) Samuel Pearson, Charlie Palmer, Tim Perkins, Ian Coveny, Don Wyper, Edward (Ed) Sherwood, Jasper Hasell, Cox Russell Glenn.
2007 (W) Alastair MacLeod, Douglas Perrin, Colin Scott, Johannes Kromdijk, Oliver De Groot, Tobias Garnett, Don Wyper, David Billings, Russell Glenn.
2008 (L) Bow Marco Espin, 2 Ali Macleod, 3 Richard Stutt, 4 John Heder, 5 Bartosz Szczyrba, 6 Dan O'Shaughnessy 7 Dave Billings, 8 Spencer Hunsberger, Cox Russ Glenn
2009 (L) Bow James Strawson, 2 Dan O’Shaughnessy, 3 Code Sternal, 4 John Clay, 5 Shane O’Mara, 6 Joel Jennings, 7 George Nash, Stroke Fred Gill, Cox Helen Hodges.
2010 (W) Bow Johannes Kromdijk, 2 George Lamb, 3 Mike Thorp, 4 Matt Whaley, 5 Moritz Schramm, 6 Hardy Cubasch, 7 Code Sternal, Stroke Joel Jennings, Cox Liz Box.
2011 (L) Bow Sasha Kasas, 2 Nick Edelman, 3 James Strawson, 4 Felix Wood, 5 Alex Ross, 6 Andrew Viquerat, 7 Josh Pendry, Stroke Ben Evans, Cox Tom Fieldman.
2012 (L) Bow Josh Pendry, 2 Rowan Lawson, 3 Pete Dewhurst, 4 Tom Haworth, 5 Hank Moore, 6 Joel Jennings, 7 Phil Williams, Stroke Felix Wood, Cox Sarah Smart.
2013 (L) Bow Chris Snowden, 2 Alex Leichter, 3 Josh Hooper, 4 Helge Gruetjen, 5 Alex Ross, 6 Jack Lindeman, 7 Mike Thorp, Stroke Rowan Lawson, Cox Sam Ojserkis.
2014 (L) Bow Chris Black, 2 Peter Walker, 3 Florian Herbst, 4 Jason Lupatkin, 5 Alex Leichter, 6 Will Brown, 7 Felix Newman, Stroke Angus Knights, Cox Rosemary Ostfeld.
2015 (L) Bow Harold Bradbury, 2 Piers Kasas, 3 Matthew Chipping, 4 Ali Abbasi, 5 Blake Parsons, 6 Clemens Auersberg, 7 Chris Snowden, Stroke Felix Newman, Cox Hugo Ramambason.
2016 (L) Bow Peter Carey, 2 Piers Kasas, 3 William Jones, 4 Peter Rees, 5 Vincent Bertram, 6 Alister Taylor, 7 Joe Carroll, Stroke Patrick Elwood, Cox Hugo Ramambason.
2017 (L) Bow Felix Newman, 2 Patrick Elwood, 3 Thomas Strudwick, 4 Peter Rees, 5 Charles Fisher, 6 Robin Ponte, 7 Sam Wilson, Stroke Louis Margot, Cox Ian Middleton.
2018 (W) Bow Robert Harris, 2 Reginald Mitchell, 3 David Bell, 4 Peter Rees, 5 Thomas Strudwick, 6 Gerard Kuenning, 7 Callum Sullivan, Stroke Piers Kasas, Cox Harry Ellison-Wright.
2019 (W) Bow Calum MacRae, 2 Hugo Durward, 3 Tim Nugent, 4 Gerard Kuenning, 5 Robert Harris, 6 Jonty Page, 7 Thomas Strudwick, Stroke Reginald Mitchell, Cox Charlie Marcus.


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