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Goldie Alexander

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Goldie Alexander (6 September 1936 – 3 August 2020) was an Australian author.



Goldie Alexander was born in Melbourne, 6 September 1936. Her parents were Polish migrants.[1]



A review of Hedgeburners described Alexander as "an experienced writer for primary-age children" and praised the "compelling plot, convincing characterization" and natural language used in the work.[2]

A reviewer for the non-fiction book Talking about Your Weight noted that the work offered "good information and interesting insights" about the topic and they felt that it would not make readers self-conscious. They noted that the focus was on "balance and solutions" and that information on eating disorders was not sensationalized.[3]


  • Astronet
  • Beyond the Thicket
  • Body and Soul: Lilbet's Romance
  • Bridging the Snowy
  • The Business of Writing for Young People (co-written with Hazel Edwards)
  • Captain Gallant
  • Car Crimes: the 2nd A~Z PI Mystery
  • Cowpat$
  • Dessi's Romance
  • Dramatics: A Resource Book (co-written with Hazel Edwards)
  • Gallipoli Medals
  • The Grevillea Murder Mystery Trilogy
  • A Hairy Story
  • Health and Understanding 12 book Maga series (co-written with Hazel Edwards)
  • Hedgeburners: An A~Z PI Mystery
  • The History of Bread
  • An Interview with Cindy Centipede
  • Killer Virus and Other Stories
  • Lame Duck Protest
  • The Little Big School
  • Mavis Road Medley
  • Mentoring Your Memoir
  • My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove
  • My Horrible Cousins and Other Stories
  • Neptunia
  • Right and Wrong: Class-Room Plays (co-written with Hazel Edwards)
  • Seawall
  • Shape Shifters
  • 6788
  • Space Footy and Other Stories
  • Starship Q
  • Trapeze
  • The Youngest Cameleer
  • eSide: An adventure in Cyberspace
  • That Stranger Next Door
  • Cybertricks
  • My Holocaust Story: Hanna
  • Penelope's Ghost
  • Emily's Ghost
  • Shakespeare Now Trilogy
  • The Trytth Chronicles
  • Gap Year Nanny
  • Changing History?


  • Scholarship for the Romanian Writers Exchange Program September 2005
  • Australian Society of Authors Mentor program 2005–2006, 2010 -2011, 2012-2013
  • 2000 & 2001 Mary Grant Bruce Award for two long short stories Mavis Road Medley. CBC Notable Book. Short Listed by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. 'Youth Literature 150 best Book
  • Easternport Bay - Victorian Ministry of Arts Writing grant
  • My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove - CBC Notable Book
  • Cassie's Big Swim - Brant Point Literary prize
  • Body and Soul - Brant Point Literary prize
  • Mavis Road Medley chosen by the State Library of Victoria and the Australian Centre for Youth Literature as one of 150 'treasures' to celebrate their 150th anniversary.
  • The Fellowship of Australian Writers Victoria Inc. National Literary Awards — FAW Mary Grant Bruce Award Short Story Award for Children's Literature with Roger Marchant - 2000.[4]
  • The Fellowship of Australian Writers Victoria Inc. National Literary Awards — FAW Mary Grant Bruce Award Short Story Award for Children's Literature with Kerry Coombe - 1999.[4]
  • "Cybertricks", a 2016 Notable CBCA


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